01 November 2016

Winter is Coming.............Finally

I know, very trite. But it is coming, and it is my favourite time of year. I got these models painted by Gunner in the spring of 2015 but have just got around to basing them recently. There is not much doubt that they are the highlight of my WWII collection. They are from the superb TQD line of CP Models. They are just brilliant.

When I got these painted I envisioned them as opponents for my Soviets in some Stalingrad gaming. Since then I have decided that they would also be handy for some late war winter wargaming, aka Battle of the Bulge. All I need now is to get some Americans painted, unfortunately there are a not a lot of models of winter uniformed GI's miniatures out there in 1/72. But I am looking.

1942 Panzergrenadier Organization: 1 SL and 3 LMG teams, each with a JL, two 2 man LMG teams, one with 3 riflemen and 1 with 2 riflemen. Regular Force Rating +1.

Senior Leader with MP40
Two man LMG team

Rifleman with K98

Armed with MP 40's and StG 44's

Pak 40 for the Ardennes
Pak 38 for Stalingrad
Tripod mounted MMG Team
8cm Mortar with FO

Sniper Team
Panzerschreck Teams

Pioneers, a pioneer squad would be made up of 6 men and a JL
Flamethrower Team
Panzerjäger Team
I was also able to juggle the figures to come up with 2 different Volksgrenadier squads for Chain of Command. This was the typical German organization for the Ardennes offensive post November 1944. Each Volksgrenadier company was made up of 2 Assault platoons and 1 Rifle platoon.

1944 Volksgrenadier Assault Platoon, made up of a 4 man HQ team with 2 assault squads armed with MP40 and StG44 and LMG Squad. The HQ team has an Senior Leader and 3 riflemen armed with grenade launchers. The assault squads have a JL and 7 men with MP40's or StG44's. Thus armed, a regular squad would be +1 force rating (I have substituted 6 riflemen in because of lack of correct figures and this would be a 0 Force rating in CoC). The LMG squad has two  MG 42 LMG's as well as a JL and 3 men armed with machine pistols or assault rifles. Each squad has 2 panzerfausts.
1944 Volksgrenadier Rifle Platoon. Like the Assault Platoon there is a 4 man HQ team with a SL and 3 riflemen.  Each of the 3 squads has a MG42 LMG, 4 riflemen, 1 man armed with a MP40 and 2 panzerfausts. This platoon if regular would be rated as -1 for CoC.


  1. Your Germans do look nice! Perfect for winter war gaming.

  2. Very nice John, I'm tempted by this Winter war theme. Those really are great figures with lot's of character.

    1. For someone who likes terrain like yourself it is a fun project.

  3. A spectacular winter atmosphere...excellent job!

  4. A superb collection John. As you say, a definite lack of winter Americans for this scale. I guess you could use some GI's in their summer gear and just paint gloves on and sculpt a little green stuff to give an impression of scarves.

  5. Great looking collection, suitably equipped for the Stark weather of the season!
    My father in law fought under Patton at the Bulge. He was the only member of his platoon to survive the battle, and he NEVER, EVER talked about it beyond that!

  6. I feel really cold now! An atmospheric force!

    1. Yes if only I could get some fog generators on the table!

  7. Stunning!

    Really like the PAK-40 gun emplacement.

    1. Thanks, I always appreciate positive feedback about winter terrain from another Person from the North