26 November 2016

Martlet: Onwards to Fontenay

We got our next game of Operation Martlet in today, again played at the Hobby Bunker in Malden. My dicing was abysmal again but we did move off table 1 to table 2.
New table lay out with added road
Patrol Phase
British JOP's
German JOP's
How it looked on the terrain map, not really successful as the first 3 games. Not having a JOP in the house at the bottom was a significant handicap, as I could not deploy to the right of the house.
Game 3:
Mike got 11 and I got 8 on Force Morale. This is starting to be a real drag as well.

British Supports (17):
2" Mortar
Regular Infantry Section
2 Jeeps
Churchill AVRE
German Supports (7):
Panzer IVH

The Germans have won the first 3 games, but they had a significant advantage because of the error in respect to the size of the Panzergrenadier teams. Because of this the Germans went into this game with a significant advantage in their Force Morale throw and an extra support point. I had 9 men already permanently lost from the campaign, so I had to make a decision to bring on replacements or not. I decided to do so and added 10 men so I started this game almost with a full complement of troops. 

Although I had 3 free moves in the Patrol phase, my JOP's were in slightly worse position than the first 3 games. I got a section in the crop filed in the upper left of the terrain and put them on tactical. I got another squad in the house on the second floor and put both 2 teams on overwatch. Looking good so far, Mike makes his first command throw, gets 3 sixes! Turn ended two PG squads placed on the terrain. With two back to back turns with a British section in light cover in the crop field and 64 d6 being fired in the 2 phases, they had very little chance. Within 3-4 phases this section had routed with my FM down to 5. Not only did the Germans get a double phase on the first turn but they also avoided the artillery barrage with the -1 modifier.

At this point I was in big trouble in respect to FM but still having a significant advantage in firepower, I had to push on. My troops in the house were able to weaken the Germans in the stone house across the terrain. I added another section of infantry in the house and brought on the Churchill AVRE. The Churchill mortar has a significant range restriction so I could not fire when I deployed on the table. The two infantry squads in the house however were able to take out the German squad in the stone house and drop the German FM to 10. 

We broke for lunch. Mike had lost 8 men and I had lost 11, I think at this point Mike was saying to himself that although I was down to 4 on my FM, he had been quite successful so far in campaign and maybe it would be a good time to withdraw to preserve his force. I suspect he was also just as bored of scenario 1 as I was! So a British Victory, maybe unearned but also maybe deserved because of the failed artillery barrage. Maybe it was also the fact that although I was down to 4 command dice, on my first throw got a double 6.
Section being chewed up by 64 d6.
Tank duel Churchill AVRE vs 2 Panzer IVH's, never got to play it out.
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  1. Nice write up thanks. Hope the British can start stinging together some telling victories. B.T.W. nice JOP's please post some close up pics.

    1. Well a bit of luck will be required. I will take some close up of the JOP's in our next game.

  2. 64d6... Ouch! I hope the British dice get out of their current funk and start providing some decent rolls for you. Looking forward to the next report.

    1. ouch indeed, I have ordered a new set of dice, it is because I am using Canadian dice on British soldiers, so I ordered British dice, that is the theory anyway.

  3. Hi John, great write up. Please excuse my ignorance but is this a 'Chain of Command' game and is it 20mm? I like the skirmish scale of the game. I have seen this campaign played as a Bolt Action game too.I keep meaning to look into CoC rules.

    1. Indeed it is Lee, but it is the CoC campaign module At the Sharp End that we are playing which adds a completely different dimension to the game. Yes we game in 20mm.

  4. Looks nice, a great looking terrain and splendid map!

  5. Fabulous looking game John. 20mm works so nicely for CoC. This serves as good reminder that I need to get back to my Ortona project sometime soon.