05 November 2016

Tarting up some Roads

Slowly working through a backlog of terrain projects. I bought some flexible roads from Novus Design about 6 months ago, they are prepainted but really in the most rudimentary fashion. I have planned to dry brush them to improve their look and finally got to it today. Took less then an hour and i used juste 3 colours.

As you can see from the top piece the only prep done by the company was to paint some free patches  and to put a dark wash around the stones. My first step was to dry brush the whole piece Mocha trying to avoid the green patches only.
The next step was to dry brush the green with a very bright yellow and the stones with a unbleached titanium
This is about half of what I did in an hour
Some closeups
I think they came out OK and are a definite improvement. I could have gone with a dark and light grey on the larger stones and may do so some day but they are good for now. I have maybe 20ft of road that is good for my usual 6x4 tabletop. I have seen a lot of roads and have bought a few these are the best I have come across so far.


  1. Nice work. You've inspired me to have a go.

  2. Excellent job with these roads!

  3. Really good job, what an improvement.

  4. Well, that's a very dramatic improvement, for an excellent final result. My Favorited roads were the flex terrain ones by Editions Brokaw; unfortunately, they are long out of production so I have suipplemented them with others.

    1. Thanks Peter, I am looking forward to see how the rivers work our from the recent kickstarter.