29 June 2016

A Most Interesting Kickstarter

I am not one to act as a shill for Kickstarters, but I came across one this morning that I thought I would pass along. Each morning I usually go through my blogroll to see what is new and on the Meeples and Miniatures blog there was this most interesting post.

Miniature Wargaming: The Movie............wow.

Here is the Kickstarter, I pledged for the DVD. For us in North America the pound sterling rate is pretty good, why not!

Second Kickstarter I backed today.


  1. Definitely interesting. it looks like it will be very (? entirely) British centric, which is understandable but perhaps a bit frustrating for those of us in the US (and Canada, etc).

    Will think about it!

  2. I'm not sure there is a reason for viewers who aren't presently gamers to watch?

  3. It will, I believe, be geared mostly toward non-historical miniatures. They forget that it all started with Historical Miniatures! Fantasy, etc. started with a modification to a historical set of rules, Chainmail - before that it was all historical.

    1. We will have to see Dick, most of the photos appeared to be historical