02 June 2015

Huzzah 2015

I attended my first "CON" 2 weeks ago in Portland, Me. This is one of the two major wargaming conventions in New England (I am sure I am missing one in Connecticut), I have have heard many times that Huzzah is the premiere convention.

Unfortunately because of travel commitments, I could not drive up until Saturday afternoon so I missed at least half the convention. I really did not have a lot of time to look around as I committed to a pick-up game Saturday night and I had to put on a game for Sunday. I had a quick dash about, and before you knew it I was involved in a demo game of CoC put on by Eureka Miniatures.

The convention seemed quite busy, I really have nothing to compare it to, so there is little I can say about it. The hotel seemed nice, I stayed downtown so it was a bit of a drive. I found it a little confusing as it was spread out among several halls. I also wish the vendors were together, but all in all it was fun and if given a chance I will attend again. 

Anyway I took a few snaps, really they are quite limited, but I thought I would post hem.

Eureka had a great stand
I had not realized that they had Winter War Finns that looked quite nice, if I add any to my force I will get some of these.
Kurt from the Hobby Bunker as well as Ricky from Kingston Gamers played the CoC demo with me.
A very nice set up with a CigarBox mat.
First time I ever played Americans in CoC.
TFL was well represented.
One game I would of liked to play was this WWI variant of CoC. What a great terrain.
On to Saturday. Here is my friend Adam, I think he commanded the Prussians in the Struggle at  Placenoit.
Here is the centre of the Battle of Waterloo with La Haie Sainte in the far ground.
Here is the French left flank the Struggle for Hougoumont.
This game was my responsibility, I brought all the terrain and figures, I think it looked pretty good.
German skirmishers
Back to the centre action. The Boston Trained Bands, the club I belong to, put on the Battle of Waterloo.
The French Attack starts.
I think Rich, the club president had a pretty busy day. He is the chap with the baseball cap.
I really have no knowledge of the ruleset used, Black Powder, as I had not played it for about 3 years. Rich has an excellent knowledge of the ruleset and kept the game running.
We used the scenario for Hougomont straight out of the BP Albion Triumphant supplement.
It was really nice to see a table of full of my figures.
The French finally start to flank the allies.
It was closely fought, but the allies did a great job of holding off the much more numerous French Force.
Well it was a lot of fun, I was kept pretty busy keeping the figures moving on the table, as there was reinforcements almost every turn.

We are actually going to replay the battle this Saturday at the Hobby Bunker, I am looking forward to playing.


  1. Thanks for the picture of me ! That was a fun game , good terrain too. I'm glad you had some fun at your first convention! We need to get you down to historicon some year soon, as that is the cream of the crop if conventions ! Especially for vending !

    1. your welcome Ricky. Maybe some day for Historicon, we will see.

  2. Glad you had a good time, and that some of your Napoleonics got to stretch their legs. You need to get there sooner next time!

    When you're ready, Historicon is well worth the trip. I'll be going to my ? 15th in July.

    1. Thank you Peter, always good to get them out for a walk. Not this year I am afraid for Historicon as working.

    2. Perhaps I'll make it to Huzzah! some year - it's too close to Historicon for me to be able to make both. Even being self-employed (for now), although I could do it, I couldn't afford to be out of the office that much! :-)

  3. Splendid tables, seems to be a great event!

  4. I was actually commanding the French :)

    1. Sorry about that Adam, but the important thing was that you were in command!

    2. no worries there was a lot to keep track of in that game hall.

  5. Nice pictures, that Waterloo game looks great, love the terrain and the set-up. The figures aren't too shabby either ;-)

    1. Yes it looked good, I would have liked to play but the Hougoumont scenario is quite busy with reinforcement. It was interesting to watch Black Powder played again.