02 May 2014

Army in a Box from Fernando

On February 21st, this year I emailed Fernando Painting Services in Sri Lanka to tell them that I was interested in getting some Blue Moon ACW miniatures painted. By February 24th, I had a quote not only for the painting but for the painting service to directly purchase the figures in the US and have them sent to Sri Lanka. The company actually paid for the figures themselves and then billed me. We ran into some problems as neither of the two credit card companies (one associated with a local bank and one associated a national bank) would approve any payments to Sr Lanka. I had to send a cheque by registered mail. Not withstanding this when the figures arrived in Sri Lanka on March 10, they started the paint job even though they had yet to receive the cheque for the figures (I had not even sent the cheque for the painting). On March 17th they received the first cheque, and by then the painting was well underway and I was receiving photographed samples. The only modification I had to make was to get the figures with havelars painted correctly (they were painted blue rather then white). On April 24th, I got notice that all my figures were done and fortunately the cheque for the painting arrived soon the next day. Once the figures were weighed for shipping, I still owed $30, but by then I realised that I could use a Canadian credit card to finish the purchase without difficulty (after living now in the US for 15 years, I have come to the conclusion that they have the worst and most antiquated banking system in the western world). Today, May 2, the figures arrived.

Absolutely amazing service, 402 figures done in 2 months on spec! So how was the job done, very well indeed. The box arrived well packaged which each group of figures in their own packaging, not one figure was damaged. I had planned to apply washes, as I had ordered the lowest standard at 70 cents each, I believe. They do not need washes. Well this is what they look like.
The package groups from Blue Moon was preserved so there would be no confusion. Everything was carefully labeled.

Standard Infantry firing.

Iron Brigade

Infantry with havelars

Cavalry with carbines and well as some dismounted cavalry

Artillerists and more dismounted cavalry

The sergeant even has his stripes!

Zoauve command, this was the only screw up and my fault, half should be red and blue , but the other half should be light blue (146th NY), but only 5 figures to re-paint.

5th New York

146th New York

More cavalry

402 figures
Just to show that I can paint 18 mm figures, here are some of Berden's Sharpshooters and Heros as well as some limbers for Longstreet. I also have a dozen cannons ready to paint.
Well I have to give this company 10/10, just terrific job and terrific service. Highly recommended. Oh by the way, here is the OB of my ACW Union force.


  1. A very reasonable purchase for the price John

  2. It's so nice to see a company reviewed. If I ever pull the trigger on something like this, I will remember this review.

  3. I've heard good things about Fernando and your review proves the point. The only caveat is that you have to give them good instructions for painting. At this price point, that's just fine!

  4. Well, that is a great job and turnaround time, especially for the price. I've met Saneth in person twice at Historicon, and several gamers I know have used Fernando for painting various projects. none have been less than happy with their service, turn around time, painting, and value received!