30 April 2014

Some Napoleonics for a Change

In an effort to paint down the metal heap, I am going through each of my biscuit tins (each holds a different nationality) in an attempt to empty them. Amazingly enough the French Napoleonic tin is almost empty. I still have some command figures unpainted and one artillery limber, but the last infantry unit is on the paint table now. I also still have one full box and two partial boxes of Perry Plastic French cavalry. I think I will sell the hussar box, but will keep the 4 Heavy Cavalry figures and the 4 Dragoons figures and paint them to bring these units up to twelve. Then I suppose, I shall be in the market again because at that point the reserve pile is done.

Over the last week I have been working on some Guard Chasseurs with an attached company of Mamelukes as well as finishing off a Artillerie à Cheval unit.
A large cavalry unit for my army with 14 figures

From Foundry, probably the last I will paint, but I do like their lancers!

Three bases had been painted about 5 years ago, I have just added the three bases of Mamelukes and one base of  Guard Chasseurs (3rd from the left)

Hopefully you can see the evolution of my painting

A Mixed unit of Front Rank and Perry, aside from the wheel width they are a good match

The two Front Rank Cannon were painted about 3 years ago, I have just added the Howitzer

The Perry Artillery are certainly very nice figures


  1. Do9wn to the bottom of the French Pile? You clearly ned to order kore figures, John.

    I recently decided to add a 2nd unit of Grenadiers a Pied and Chasseurs a Pied, plus the "Immortals" (Gendarmes d' Elite)for mmy Montmirail games at Historicon in July. That is with well over 1,000 painted French Napoleonics. Black Hole indeed, LOL!

  2. Always nice to see your Napoleonics John

  3. Fantastic painting! Just a small question...How long did the project last in terms of hours>

  4. Thanks you all. I probably spend about 60-70 minutes per figure, so 12-14 hours for the 11 figures, cannon and horses.

    White prime, blocked colour, then Citadel washes, no AP this time. Highlights after washes.


  5. Wow, French almost all done hey? Impressive.
    Nice work on those Chasseurs.

  6. Superb painting (as always). It's nice to see some Nappy bling back up on your blog. Really inspirational stuff

  7. Love your Guard Mamelukes John. Even though I'm rebuilding my collection with Perry's I keep a lot of my old Foundry figures too - they're so unique and full of character.