23 May 2014

Longstreet Campaign: Game 6

This is a bit of a late update. I have been quite busy at work, have been really stuck into the progress of the les habitants through the Stanley Cup Playoffs (including driving to Montreal and see their stupendous victory over the Bruins in game 6) as well as trying to get my ACW army based.

used with permission
For our sixth game we played the Meeting Engagement scenario. I took the attacker side. The game started off well enough, but Adam is just getting better and better at playing Longstreet and I got trounced yet again. His artillery supremacy was also quite a challenge, but he is quite a willy player and now for the first time in our campaign he has pulled ahead in Epic points. You can find the AAR on his blog The Fencing Frog.

Our next game is scheduled for next Thursday, this is a full 4 weeks since the last game so I am hoping that Adam has become a little rusty! Unfortunately although I now have the advantage in the cards, he still really has a good army whose ranks are stuffed with eager veteran troops.
Adam's Order of Battle for 1864
This is quite a challenge as you can see from my OB, which is filled with seasoned units. I did get a good draw on the campaign cards and now have a complete artillery regiment with 3 full batteries.
My Order of Battle
Anyway the exciting thing about the next battle is that we will see the debut of my own troops. Many thanks to Adam's friend Cortland who has lent his troops to date. I hate basing, but I got all the troops done that I need for the next battle and their flags fortuitously arrived this week. Still have 4 more infantry and 2 more cavalry regiments to base, as well as one more heavy rifle artillery battery unit with 3 more limbers (not yet painted). But here I present the first six infantry, one cavalry and 3 artillery units.
From back to front the 24th Michigan (mixed iron brigade regular army uniforms), the 19th Maine (thought these northern boys wold need havelars) as well as 7th Wisconsin (lead unit of the iron brigade).

Lovely flags from Flagdude

From back to front the 15th Massachusetts, the 1st Minnesota (in firing line without bayonets) and the 5th New York (hard to do a unit army without some zouaves) 

Wait until you see the 146th New York in their sky blue uniforms.

The 6th Ohio both mounted and unmounted.

Three batteries with their limbers, have a unit of howitzers,  12 pd smoothbore as well as  10pd Parrotts  light rifles.


  1. Great looking force! I have yet to try out Longstreet, don't want to get pulled into another period at the moment. Tough break for the Habs to loose Price.

  2. Great looking troops, limbers and 146th New York are really impressive!

  3. Very nice looking troops, and a tidy force already over 200 figures by my estimate!

  4. Nice looking force!

    Losing Price was absolutely heartbreaking, but we will prevail. Go Habs Go!

  5. Looking forward to the game Thursday and the new army looks very nice.