12 August 2013

Finally Some Egyptians!

NKE Marine Slingers

From the Foundry Ancients Range

Pretty simple paint job

NKE Chariot, I like the 4 spoke look

From Cutting Edge Miniatures

I really can highly recommend them
Well I am soldiering on with my NKE ancients army. I still have 4 more infantry units to go, these units will contain more figures as I have 1 closed order, 2 open order and 1 more skirmish unit to go. I also have 5 more chariots to paint. The Cutting Edge chariots are very nice and I am happy that Iannick recommended them. I really like their slight figures as well. Although I like the Foundry figures, I think I might have gone with the Cutting Edge if I had my time back. They do match the Warlord Games Nubians a little better as well. The Black Tree Design chariot I have for my leader is massive in comparison to the Cutting Edge, I am OK with this as it it a single leader base, but I think I will avoid these for my army if I do add further units. I am hoping to get a unit and a chariot done each month, so hopefully myself and Iannick will be able to get our first game of War and Conquest in the early New Year. He is still ahead of me in production, but I suspect his Poles may be taking more of his attention.

Otherwise, I am finishing up my final 18 figures for my TFL Chain of Command forces. I am very happy how these came out, and I should have a post on my completed Canadian force in the next couple of days. I am pretty sure, I will be done now for the ruleset launch in the final week of August.


  1. The Egyptians look very nice indeed, and I especially like the simple but very effective pattern on their skirts - not something I'd attempt. I like your bases too, as being not too cluttered they definitely make the models stand out. Great stuff... now crack on with more of those chariots :-)

  2. Great work John, nice to see you getting these done.

  3. Beautiful, really beautiful!!

  4. Excellent painting, nice to see something a little different on your blog.

  5. Cool. love the chariot. Well done.

  6. Excellent work John! Should make for a great looking army.

  7. Lovely stuff John. I like your choice of colours and I too enjoy the look of the four-spoke chariot wheels. (Though they could use some spinning rims to better pimp their ride.)