16 August 2013

Chain of Command: Canadian Force

I have just finished my 2 forces for the about to be released WWII skirmish game from Too Fat Lardies. Chain of Command is much anticipated and from what I understand from the Yahoo site, there have been over 1000 preorders, which I believe is pretty good. The release date is August 21st.

It took me a little bit of time to figure exactly what I needed for the starter force, but slowly but surely the information was extracted from the Yahoo site. I decided to go with a late war Commonwealth force, namely the Royal 22é Régiment. This primarily francophone regiment was formed up in Valcartier, Quebec in WWI. They have served overseas in all Canada's wars including WWI, WWII, Korea, as well as recently in Afghanistan. In WWII, they were in the 3rd infantry brigade of the First Canadian Infantry Division. They saw action in Italy, the Netherlands and Northwest Germany.

In early July, I was in Quebec City where the 2nd battalion is stationed in the Citadel of Quebec. I saw the trooping of the guard as well as visited their regimental museum. That day made me extremely proud to be a Canadian. I suppose it is a bit odd that it has taken me so long to appreciate this. Being born in Newfoundland just 6 years after confederation with Canada to a staunchly anti-confederate family, probably had a role. Certainly though living in the United States for 15 years and making multiple visits to  the province of Quebec (I now go there monthly) over the last 6-7 years has really made me appreciate what Canada represents. Funny how a person, who comes from a province where 20% of the population dawdles with the idea that Newfoundland would be better off without Canada, figured that out in the seat of séparististe Quebec. Life is strange..........but back to the soldiers!

Commonwealth Infantry Platoon
  • Lieutenant
  • Sergeant
  • 3 sections of ten men each of a Corporal with SMG, LMG Team (3 men) with LC armed with rifle and a 6 man Rifle Team
  • 2 man Piat team 
  • 2 man 2" mortar
Anyway, I hope I have it right, from what I understand the corporal leads the rifle team and the lance corporal leads the Bren team. Each platoon can also have a number of supports which include heavy weapons as well AFV's.
The "Vandoos" with a tank from the 1st Canadian Armoured Brigade.
One section all from the PSC
Platoon leader with his sergeant and radioman as well as platoon support
Piat team from AB miniatures
2" Mortar team from AB miniatures
One of the heavy weapons support options, a 6pd AT gun from AB
3" Mortar from AB, the spotter is from PSC
I made up 4 jump off markers from Italera battlefield box. We also have a sniper, medic, and 2 AFV , all from PSC. These supports are all options in the rules. I will attempt some camouflage if I paint any more vehicles..
A Vickers HMG team, again from AB
My Germans are also done, I I should get to post them in the next couple of days.


  1. Greate looking force !!!

    Best regards Michael

  2. Always great to see Canadian Forces being gamed. Nice looking unit.

  3. Nice looking force and I really like the various terrain and accessories.

    And I think you've made a marvellous choice of regiment to represent; a friend of mine is currently enlisted in the 22e and my great grandfather fought with the Vandoos in WWI. "The pride of French Canadians" is a regiment with a fascinating history.

  4. Beautiful Canadian troops!

  5. Great stuff, eh? My mother was born in Dorval so I feel quite Canadian too on occasion!

  6. Great looking troops

    I'm eager to learn how "Chain of Command" plays

  7. Sweet! You've been quite busy. Excellent work, being able to game the rules pretty much on the launch date!

    Looking forward to an AAR!

  8. Good stuff. Nice to see Canadian forces represented. I had the pleasure of visiting the Vandoos museum in the Quebec citadel some years ago.