18 August 2013

Chain Of Command: German Force

Of course it would be a little tricky to play a WWII skirmish game in Northern Europe without some Germans, so here they are. I found the Vallejo German uniform paint a little dense, so despite using a wash they were also drybrushed to bring out some extra detail. I do not know enough now about German orders of battle, but I am sure this platoon will eventually get identified. Again the details of the platoon structure for Chain of Command were obtained from the TFL Yahoo site.

German Grenadier Platoon
  • Platoon Leader (MP40)
  • Panzerschrek team (2 men)
  • 3 sections of ten men each: an NCO (MP40), a LMG Team: MG42, 2 crew 2 riflemen and a Rifle team: Five riflemen (one with Panzerfaust)

All PSC miniatures
Platoon Leader and Panzerschrect team
Rifle Section
Heavy weapons support
Jump off markers and a couple of AFV's
Well that finishes off my WWII painting adventure, I may add the occasional support weapon, but I think that is probably it. I certainly enjoyed painting these 20mm figures, they are just perfect for what I wanted to do.

Well I have a unit of Brunswickers on the painting table, and I have just put in an order for a new small skirmish band, which I am looking forward to painting. Any guesses?


  1. Very, very close Ferb. I am awaiting the book and plan to paint a buntai, but have the figures on hand, so I am referring to another era for which I have just ordered a 200 pt force.

  2. Excellent work, only to note that mortar support will be off-table in CoC

  3. Beautiful troops, vehicles and signs! Great work...

  4. Looking good. You are ready for the 21st.

  5. Great work here, getting both sides done so well and quickly. There are a couple of local fellows Who might Be interested in CoC too so maybe ill be following You?

  6. Wow John, this is a great effort. TWO forces done and ready to do. Well done, my friend. They look brilliant.

  7. Wow, impressive pictures with a fantastic colour scheme! Looks so realistic!

  8. Very nice - and the funny thing is that I am painting a few old Artizan German atm to get a game with some old work-mate going.

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