20 February 2013

Some Anhalt-Dessauers and the Painting Challenge Progress

I am slowly catching up on documenting my submissions to the Painting Challenge at Analogue Hobbies. These figures were part of submission #8, my Harad were disqualified due to my misreading of the rules. 

A set of figures that have been lying around were 12 Perry French plastics painted as a battalion of infantry from Anhalt-Dessau. These will join my Confederation of the Rhine OB. When I first started to paint Napoleonics, I had 12 figure battalions and this battalion was the last unit left over in the transition to 24 figure units. So here we have also 12 figures newly painted to bring the Anhalt-Dessau up to scratch. The new bases are the ones on each end and the pink used was the infamous GW Tentacle Pink long ago obtained from Curt. None matches it. The bases and the facing were all re-done on the old figures.

I would like to do more Confederation units, but really have too great a back log of figures and plans already. I am sure they will see action though.

Painting Challenge Update:

Well we are more then 2/3 way through for the Winter Painting Challenge at Analogue Hobbies. Amazingly enough I am still at  6th position of the 47th Ronin, but the leader still has twice the points that I have. So lets see where I am.

9 Dux Saxons (45pts)
6 Brunswick Artillery (150pts)
16 Brunswick Cavalry (160pts)

5 Brunswick Command (50pts)
10 Brunswick Avantguard (50pts)
16 Skraelings (80pts)
44 Dux Britons (220pts) 150 points done
Cunning Secret Project #1 (340 pts) 200 points done
SAGA Secret Project #2 (300pts) revealed to be an Andalusia
48 Brunswick Lights (240pts)
12 Anhalt Infantry (60pts)
Various other Napoleonics to get to 1700 points. not needed

Well with 27 days to go, I think I am on track. I have a 1106 points documented of my planned 1700, with 60 in the pipeline. I have made a good start on my Andalusian SAGA warband. So with the 18 Roman-British, 16 figures from the Hobbit and 2 battalions of Brunswickers, that should bring me over the 1700 mark.

Good luck to all the other Ronin, certainly quite a few have increased their goals. A special encouragement to my gaming friends, Iannick and Nicolas, to soldier on to meet their goals.



  1. I do love Rhine confederation units as well - always a nice change of pace.

    That pink shade is a very "modern" hue; I suspect that most likely the period one would be paler and less towards the purple end of the spectrum. At the same time, who can really tell when it comes to colors from 200 years ago? They look great regardless!


  2. Any other time pink and green would look... well, you make look great John! ;-)

  3. Lovely stuff as always, John. Good to know that you are well on-track to meeting your Challenge target. Well done.

  4. Great stuff John.

    Oooh I think Curt was a bit harsh in dissallowing the Harad - they look very 'historic' anyway - perhaps you should have just called them 'desert tribesmen' instead!

  5. Oldies but goodies! Can't go wrong with Naps soldiers dressed in pink...

  6. Pretty in pink. (I couldn't resist!)


    von Peter himself

  7. Why was your harads disqualified then?

  8. I have been waiting for you to,post these here ever since I saw them on the AH page. Really, really,like them, especially the pink! Great job!

  9. Nice to see the Herzoege von Sachsen represented this way. Very nice battalion!