03 February 2013

Fallen Realms: Harad Warriors and Mumak

I have been slowly documenting my son's LotR collection while rebasing and touching some of them up. By the time he got the Mamuk of Harad box set, his interest had waned. He did the Mamuk, but that was it. I decided to paint the 13 Harad warriors for the Painting Challenge. Unfortunately I find out that only the GW figures released for the Hobbit are fair game, so I could not submit them. That was OK as I really enjoyed painting them, good practice for my upcoming Andalusian SAGA warband. I also painted the base of the Mamuk, as well the fighting platform on the Mamuk's back. These are the first LotR figures I have ever painted. You can say what you want about Games Workshop, but they really have a fantastic product.

The figures were primed white and base colours using Citadel Midnight Blue, Purple Liche and Red Gore were applied. The Red was drybrushed with Blazing Orange and the blue and purple with VMC Blue Grey. The accruements were all painted and AP darktone applied. 

I like how they came out, who knows I may do more.



  1. Really good work, John. I hear the siren song of GW, thanks to you!

    I quit painting GW when my son quit painting with me years ago. Then I see this and I think I'd like to paint some again! Their models are lovely and the ellie is epic. Hannibal would be jealous!

  2. Very nice job on these John. I guess Scott must of slipped Curt an extra Ronin to enter his Hobbit minis. :-)

    I love GW's LOTR range (Perry sculpts) especially the Dwarf army I've painted up. Some of the new stuff coming out from the Hobbit line is just fantastic (eagles, elven knights). Unfortunately their current prices means I'll be spending more on Prussia and less on Middle Earth. ;-)

  3. Fantastic looking figures, very impressive!

  4. Stunning John, the colour palette really works well

  5. Lovely... I have had that model sitting here enhanced (with some rigging, thorns strung between the tusks and more traps over the howdah) and primes for ages now. One day I want to paint it up... If only for me showcase... And this is great inspiration!

  6. Very nice job! Shame they weren't legit for the Challenge, they are probably more 'historical' looking than my goblins!

  7. Looking greate !!!

    Best regards Michael

  8. Fantastic job John - its a great model to paint. I've also got one for a son who has since totally lost interest in LOTR (and all minis for that matter) but I never painted it. [sigh] one day perhaps...

    BTW Alan Perry sculpted both himself and his brother Michael among the squished Rohan on the Mumak's base - check it out!


  9. Ah, that sucks about not being able to submit it mate. I think you did a really good job on them. It's a shame your son lost interest to the end of it, but it was a great opportunity for you to get to it, and you didn't waste it.

    Nice job indeed.

    Have a look on my blog site. I just published a new post with some images of three miniatures I did today. I could do with some pointers/tips, as I use to just do the painting bland, no highlighting, shadowing, etc. No lighter shades on top of darker shades. So yeah, the more suggestions or tips I get from more experience model painters, the better.

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