11 February 2010

Evolution of Hanoverian OOB 1813-16

I have been trying to paint the up the Hanoverian-British division of Walmoden's Korps at the Battle of Gohrde 1813. This is a pretty obscure unit and it is quite difficult to find information about the uniforms and to source figures. I decided to go with some Perry Hanoverians, although I know these are for their 1815 line. The uniforms would have changed significantly over this period of time, but what of it and I can use them maybe for some Waterloo project in the future.

To be fair though, I said I would trace back the 1815 units to their parent units as they were formed from 1813 onwards. This ended up being a pretty obscure area of scholarship. After several hours on the net and looking through some books I have, the following table evolved:
I used a number of references as note above. I have the Osprey Men at Arms 206 on the Hanoverian army and that is where I got some of my basic information for 1813, I also had researched the OB for the Battle of Gohrde in an earlier post. I also used some references from the following links as listed above: the Napoleonic Series, Gen de Brigade forum, a nice clickable reference to the Battle of Waterloo OOB, the Mont St Jean site and this pamphlet by WJ Rawkins. I also used Siborne's well known uniform table as follows, although there is some debate about it's accuracy.


  1. I'm very impressed how you've organized your unit and uniform data. My records consists in notes scribbled on index cards which seem to have the nasty habit playing hide and seek. I almost always work on my miniatures with my I-Mac at hand so putting the info down electronically is easy.

    I will also be spending some time on the Napoleonic Series website - looks like a great resource - thanks for the tip.

  2. My wife tells me that I am obsessive!!


  3. John

    "My wife tells me I'm obsessive"

    Hahaha - now that rings a bell! Of course you could tell her that its not obsessive, just meticulous research. Like my own She Who Must Be Obeyed, she probably reply 'that's what I just said - obsessive!' [Sigh] They just don't understand us - perhaps if they painted a few figures...

    That Napoleonic Series site is a great resource but my approach is even more scattered - I have the Ospreys, a Blandford or two and some wonderful colour plates from the French Histofig site -


    Glad you've put it all on a spreadsheet - that's a great reference in itself!

    If you want another of accurately painted figures Clarence Harrison has a Hanovarian unit in French service (in Spain) posted on his Quindia site:



  4. Thanks Doc. I will put some uniform and figure links up as well.


  5. Wow - you get away with just a label of "obsessive"!