12 April 2009

Battle of Göhrde OB

Initial Deployments
General area east of Hamburg.

The Battle of Göhrde was fought on 16th September, 1813. Here is Von Wallmoden's personal account of the battle as described in Cobbett's Political Register. Another account of the Battle can be found in this History of the King's German Legion. Here is one for those who can read German.
There is a lack of clarity in respect to the OB for the light brigade of Lyon's division. Two sources (here and here) list the Hanoverian Light Battalion Lueneburg as being present while the above sources and Osprey MA 192 Prussian Reserve, Militia & Irregular Troops 1806-15 do not list them as being present. The first source does not list the Anhalters as present. There is an interesting email chain on the Napoleonic Series, a lot of primary resources sited, I will let you make your decision.
French Order of Battle
CC General de Division Pécheux
5oth Division
1st Brigade Mielzynski
2/3rd Ligne 600
3/3rd Ligne 600
4/3rd Ligne 600
6/3rd Ligne 600
2nd Brigade Blanc
2/105 Ligne 600
Cavalry Lebleu
28th Chaussers 100
FA 6 guns
Allied Order of Battle
CC Feldmarschallleutnant Ludwig von Wallmoden

Avantgard Tettenborn (Prussian)
Brigade Ratt
Battalion of Reiche Feldjaegers
Lutzow's FreiKorps
Kielmansegge Feldjaegers (Hanoverian)
Tyrolean Jaegers
Cavalry Brigade
Russian Don Cossacks (Komisarov)
Russian Don Cossacks (Sulin)
Russian Don Cossacks (Denisov)
Lutzow's Hussars (5 squads)
Hanseatic FA (Spoorman) 4x6pd
Division Arenschildt (Russian German Legion)
1st Brigade Natzmer
1st RGL Line Inf (V Schaper)
2nd RGL Line Inf (V Fircks)
5th RGL Line Inf (V Dobschutz)
2st Brigade Von Wardenburg
3rd RGL Line Inf (V Tiedemann)
4nd RGL Line Inf (V Horn)
6nd RGL line Inf (V Natzmer)
RGL 1st Hussars (V der Goltz)
Division Lyon (Hanoverian-British)
1st Brigade Martin
Light Bremen-Verden
2/73rd Highland
Light Anhalt Dessau
Light Lueneburg (see above)
2st Brigade Halkett
Hanoverian Line Lauenburg (Benoit)
Hanoverian Line von Bennigsen
Hanoverian Line von Langrehr
1/2 Batt KGL (Holtzerman)
Hanoverian FA 6 guns (Wiering)
Division Dornberg (cavalry)
KGL 3rd Hussars (Kuper) (5 squads)
Bremen-Verden Hussars (1 squad)
Luneberg Estorf Hussars (2 squads)
KGL HA 2 troops (Bruckman) 12x6pd
RGL HA 12x6pd (Monhaupt)
British Rockets 16 stands (Strangways)
The Hanoverian Battalion von Benningsen attacking the French 3rd Battalion de Ligne.


  1. you might want to review your date, it was actually fought in 1813, not 1811...

  2. Hi JAM
    I have discovered your blog. I plays with 20mm(1/72) figures and I have refought the Fuentes de Oñoro battle as well as the Battle of Gordhe
    You can see both at
    Rafa (from Spain)

  3. Thanks Rafa, the OB for Gordre, was actually abstracted from your site. You have a lot of excellent info. I have just completed Tettenborn's column (1:50 ratio) and am starting on Lyon's column now with 2 units done. Hopefully within the next 6 months I will be able to refight the battle.

    I have 3 divisions of British(I,III, and Light) done and almost have completed the French VI Corps of the Army of Portugal, so I have away to go with this one, maybe I will do a part of the battle.

    I am like you a solo wargamer, and I think I will settle ofn the Field of Battle rules.

    Best wishes,


  4. Nice post and great informations...

  5. See also the personal account of the battle by Sgt Thomas Morris of 2/73rd.