11 May 2021

WaC Campaign-Vendetta


Last wednesday, we returned to the Wild West. P-Y now had his massive saloon complex printed and painted, so we decided to play our next game in town again. I was expecting that we would fighting within this massive building so I equipped my posse with short range weapons aside from one character. We decided however it would be pretty tricky to do this over the internet, so no inside of the building. We diced and I ended up being the attacker. I secretly had to pick one of the Sheriff's Posse on whom I would focus my efforts. I went Elmer "Two Lives" Pratt, a Gunslinger. We went with a modified reputation reward, 4 for a Legend, 3 for a Gunslinger, 2 for a shootist and 1 for a Greenhorn.
I chose the right side of the above photo as my start point, you can see my 3 mobile deployment points (white dice). P-Y placed his fixed point on top of the saloon.

Mexican Banditos

Tuco-Legend-Outlaw-Adams Revolver, Winchester Carbine-Deadeye, Stealthy-Shoulder Stock, Spy Glass
Angel Eyes-Shootist-Ex-soldier-Wincester 1-1000, Colt 45-Rifleman
Le Français-Shootist-Merchant-Sawn-Off ShotgunColt 45-Slow, Ice Cold
3-Fingered Julio-Miner-Colt 45

Sherriff's Posse

Robert "the Savage"Cain-Legend-Ex-Outlaw-Adams Revolver x 2-Quick Draw, Ambidextrous- Shoulder Stock x 2, Spy Glass
Elmer "Two Lives Pratt-Gunslinger-Ex Outlaw-Winchester Carbine, Shotgun-Lucky-Telescopic Sight, Spyt Glass
Moses "the Viper" Rivera -Shootist-Buffalo Hunter-Winchester Carbine, Colt 45
Herman "the Mute" Elliot-Shootist-Ex-soldier-Colt 45, Sawn-off Shotgun-Tough, Deadeye

Mexicans: Henchman, 3 Mobile Deployment Points, 
Sheriff: Henchmen, Fixed Deployment Point

So our game started, P-Y almost immediatedly placed Elmer on top of the saloon on his fixed deployment point, he also brought on the rest of his characters in the first turn. I decided to hold off and for the first couple of turns held off deploying anyone aside from my Greenhorn. I had planned to use Angel Eyes to take out Elmer, that is why he had the Winchester 1in 1000 with it's extended range. This did not work out to plan as the only building where I would not be shooting up was the tallest building, 2nd from the left edge in the above photo. I planned to use Tuco as a backup, using my other 2 chartacter and the henchmen as distractions. With this in mind, I started to move 2 mobile points towards this building and the other towards the hotel. I do not believe I deployed my other 3 characters until the 3rd or 4th turn. I was eventually able to get Elmer on the roof and Tuco between the 2nd and 3rd buildings (the ones with the rail track behind them).  I was able to move Le Français to the balcony of the red bank. There was then quite a bit of firing back and forth certainly the civilians got overwhelmed. I believe one of them killed one of the Sheriff's henchmen. Tuco was able to get a critical on Elmer, thus he became quite weakened. 

By now no one was dead but the Sheriff's men were shot up while all the Mexicans were in good shape. P-Y could see the writing on the wall and withdrew. Two Mexican victories in a row with lots of reputation points all around, I did not get the 3 reps for killing Elmer but it worked out ok as now Angel Eyes is a Gunslinger! 

Now for some photos.