23 February 2021

Drive on Minsk-Game 3, Session 2

A couple of weeks ago, we played another game in our campaign with the rules Battleground Command. I have been away so I am getting a little behind in my posting, indeed I have played a game of UBOOT and Muskets and Tomahawks since. Just about to play game 3 so I am trying to get this off.

In this the 2nd phase of the 3rd game in this campaign, we had quite a bit more action, although I have a sense that there are still many more German units yet to be revealed. You can find Eero's usual scintillating report on the Wargamer's Forum.

Here is photo of my tanks here:


The position of the troops at the end of the game....have fun figuring it out.


  1. Battleground Command rules? Can you direct me? Thanks.

  2. Nice looking tanks and armored car.


  3. Ah. Found reference to Battleground Command and link to Wargamers Forum in your earlier post. Sounds interesting as I am a big fan of both BGWWII and CoC, too.