04 February 2020

Picketts's Charge ACW Campaign: Game 1-Bull Run

Last Friday we finally got in the first game of our ACW campaign, our 3rd return to Bull Run!
Starting Forces
The US right flank.
A wider view
The centre attack
 As usual I completely forgot to take photos but as you can see I set up 1 brigade to take the confederate left flank while advancing my other brigade up the centre. It was going to be a difficult victory for the US forces as they had 8 turns to get more undispersed units within the fenced area on Henry's Hill then there were confederates. My initial probes went well and I was having pretty good luck with my firing and initiative rolls but as the game progressed my dice rolling failed and there was not one time when I got 4 possible ADC's out of 4 in the whole game. I believe I got 3 once, but most of the time I had only 1 or 2! I ended up taking a pretty good pounding and as you can see below I lost quite a few troops.
I have to say that I really enjoy playing this ruleset, it is a lot of fun and once you get going the game goes quite quickly. I think we finished 8 turns in less then 3 hours. I am already looking forward to our next game.

Click for a downloadable pdf of our ACW Campaign.


  1. Really interesting to see the rules being used with size action. I have them and this post makes me want to explore them properly. Thanks.

  2. Some famous units in there John. Thanks for the heads up on Volksgrenadiers by the way.