16 January 2020

First Game of the Year: A SAGA Encounter in Labrador

Hmm....our game did not actually look like this!
Last night, à L'abyss in Montreal, I had my 1st game of the year.  This was my 4th SAGA game with Luis and this time we decided to return to Age of Vikings. Who better to bring than my Skraelings and where better to have a battle than in The Labrador, that previously disputed territory on the border between Quebec and Newfoundland. Enough said on to the game.

Game Set-up (BoB Chaos)

Scenery-Bleak Moor
Special Rule-Forced March
Victory Conditions-Sunjugation
Game Length-Unknown Length

The Vikings (6 SAGA Dice)

3 units Hearthguard in 2 groups
2 units of Warriors
1 unit Bow-Armed Levy

Moors (6 SAGA Dice)

Skraeling Chieftess
5 units of Javelin-Armed Warriors in 4 groups
1 unit of Bow armed Levy

The starting positions
Luis flummoxed me by placing his archers in hard cover.
Beautifully painted Viking Warriors
It looks like the Viking are surrounded by the Skraelings, but watch out for those Hearthguard coming up the centre.
Skraeling centre has collapsed...
....as has the Skraeling left flank
but the thing is that Hearthguard are much more valuable then Warriors and the Skraelings were able to limit 3 units of them, that is a lot of massacre points, so the game is closer than it looks.
Not much left is there!
So the end of turn 5, we roll the dice.........a 4, one more turn. The Vikings are down to 4 SAGA dice, they take out my unit with the Bear totem, my turn but only 2 SAGA dice. I attack the Viking Hearthgurad and am able to eliminate the unit. I think that over 75% of the figures on each side were lost.....very bloody indeed!

Game over.......it looks very close......using the Massacre point system......a marginal victory is awarded to the Vikings, they won by 1 point!

The game was a lot of fun, I always enjoy playing my Skraelings. So what is next, well a game of CoC tonight in Lachine and back to Black Seas tomorrow here in the Plateau.

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  1. Great stuff, I have never thought to use my Indians for Saga!