17 January 2020

Black Seas: AHPCX #4

Over the last couple of months I have much enjoyed painting my first Age of Sail miniatures. To be honest, they are the most enjoyable minaitures I have painted in quite some time. In the last few years, my focus has been on gaming and terrain and much less so painting, which in most cases I have been happy to hand off to the professionals.

These miniatures, however, are a lot of fun and once assembled look great on the table. I have also played a couple of games of Black Seas and that has been fun as well. To prepare for a game this Friday, I decided to paint up and assemble (the assembly is the more challenging part of the process) some more ships for my Spanish fleet.

1st Rate (yet to be christened)
Lots of guns
This is a resin and metal model, I have heard some complaints about the metal masts and they are a bit more of a challenge with the rigging but I think it came out OK.
3rd Rate (the Montañes)
An all plastic model
Gunship Squadron
Single Medium Cannon in front.
I did these in Salem, but my mat was in Montreal so I will have to darken up the base a bit.

My Spanish fleet


  1. Very nice John. I play this at the club and it is a really good game and great fun win or lose.