30 July 2018

This Very Ground-French Indian War

Two weekends ago I got my a FIW game in with my friend Iannick in Montreal. It is always good to catch up with him and talk Wargaming and Quebec politics. It was the last day of my vacation and it was a nice way to finish.

We played at Iannick's although I am slowly setting up for wargaming in our flat in Montreal. I now have a table and mat as well as some hedges and roads in place. I suspect my wargaming there will be confined to 28mm FIW as well as 15mm Napoleonics so it is simple enough. I would like to have it so I just have to transport the troops.

Th scenario was one of Iannick's design and oddly enough was set in Massachusetts. I believe we played a variation of this several years ago. We played using the This Very Ground rules, it had been some time since I played them and on a read-through they seemed a little complicated but the game actually played very well and it was fun.
As usual, I was the dastardly Americans and Iannick was the French. I only took a few photos but I will describe the action in association with them.

I hav eto defend these 3 homesteads, Iannick set up to attack from my right flank
I had 4 groups of militia, I put 1 in each fenced enclosure and 1 group on my right centre
The dastardly Hurons advance
I was able to repulse the combined Huron- Milice Canadienne units and was still standing pat in all 3 homesteads after 8 turn, but I have to say Iannick came quite close and it could have went either way. 

It was a fun game, and I will certainly play the ruleset again. It is tough having 3 possible rulesets for FIW Skirmishing, especially as I like them all. This ruleset is very easy to set up and gives a nice game.


  1. Sounds really interesting. I am often tempted by FIW because skirmish battles fit more naturally into this conflict.

  2. Cool game guys! And a very interesting period!

  3. Haven't tried TVG - what are your impressions of the rule set?

  4. Thank s for sharing and a nice looking game.....I am still trying to find a better FIW ruleset as my enthusiasm for Muskets and Tomahawks has waited even if they are a great set of rules

  5. Nice game John, I still got a lot of FIW figures in 28mm waiting to be painted.
    cheers John.