19 April 2018

Warbands under the Crescent Banner for SAGA

In anticipation of imminent release of the 2nd SAGA source book: Age of the Crusades (which I have just received an email that it has been dispatched), I have been finalising my Moorish warbands. I wanted to have a combination of figures so that I could field any of the 3 eastern warbands. I do understand that the number of warbands detailed will be 12!

I felt I was a little weak on infantry armed with spears/javelins so I recently painted up a unit of 8 infantry. These are the Daylami Mercenaries (or Auxiliaries as they are now called) from Gripping Beast. They were nice figures to paint and as has been my approach, been painted so they are similarly dressed.

I recently also made a terrain mat from an old piece of mat for SAGA, I tried to terrain it in such a way that it would work for Europe or the Middle East. We have found it a bit of a struggle to lay out a 3x4' terrain as required for most SAGA Scenarios. I was quite pleased how it came out, so I took the opportunity to pull out my moorish figures and photographed them.

An overview
The latest addition
A Generic Warlord.
Camel mounted Hearthguard
Foot Hearthguard
Horse mounted Hearthguard
More Spear/Javelin Infantry

These Warriors are my favourite

Bow-armed Infantry
Horse mounted Warriors
Bow mounted Warriors (Turcomen Auxiliaries)
A Hero........maybe Saladin

And finally some organised Warbands
Mutatawii'a Warband (6 points: 2 units of Mounted Elite, 1 unit of Foot Elite, 2 units of Javelin armed Foot Warriors and 1 unit of Bow Armed Foot warriors)
Moorish Warband (5 points: 1 unit of Mounted Elite, 1 unit of Mounted Warriors with Javelins, 1 unit of Foot Warriors with Spears, 1 unit of Levy with bowes and 1 unit of Levy with Javelins)
Saracen Warband (6 points: 1 unit of Mounted Elite with Javelins, 1 unit of Mounted Warriors with Javelins, 1 unit  of Mounted Warriors with Bows, 2 units of Foot Warriors with Javelins and 1 unit of Levy with Bows)


  1. Moors do look great. The warriors in black are indeed awesome (and bad ass) looking

  2. Nice work John on the figures and that's a very nice looking terrain mat.
    cheers John

    1. I was really happy how the mat came out, ready to tackle a winter mat soon I think

  3. What a splendid collection...and a nice game space as well.

  4. Very Nice looking colection John

  5. This is great work John. I can't wait to try SAGA 2...if I could just figure out what books to get...

  6. A fine collection that looks ready to do battle!

  7. Great looking mat John. I liked the more wide angle shots which included your hobby attic.