10 April 2018

For Sale: Unpainted 28mm Napoleonic Lead

Time to get rid of the red tin of unpainted lead. The only thing I found in it that I might use is some Front Rank Portuguese that I may paint for Sharp Practice.

These figures are going to go at a very good price, such a good price that I am actually not going to take the time to count them. They are all metal except for plastic Perry Dragoons. Some are painted. What follows is a rough list, no guarantees here. Numbers are thought to be accurate and are underestimated but not guaranteed!

Front Rank KGL Hussars with Horses x4
Front Rank Light Dragoons with horses x4
Westfalia Miniatures Jaegers x8
Westfalia Saxons x15-16
Unknown 2 French Casualties
Unknown 14 British Casualties
Foundry Infantry x20
Front Rank British Infantry x12
Foundry Scots x12
Front Rank Mounted British/Portuguese Commanders with some horses x15
Foundry/Front Rank Mounted French Commanders with horses x8
Front Rank British Light Infantry x12
Unknown British Flagbearer
Front Rank British Rifles Officers x4
British Sapers x2
Westfalia Medic x1
Limited Edition French Calpe Figures x5
2 Perry British Generals mounted
2 Perry French Guard Generals mounted
3 Perry British Art Officers mounted

So at least 180 metal figures. I believe most metal 28mm figures go for over $2 each, so $400 roughly.

For Sale $100 with Free Postage in US in USPS PP Medium box. I will defray international postage by $15. Paypal only.

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