10 August 2017

Manuballista for the Romans

The more I go through the Aetius and Arthur supplement for SAGA the more I like. It has several new factions and battleboards and it offers modifications to several existing battleboards to make them more playable for this earlier period.

Last week I played the Britons, a very similar force of course (in respect to the figures of course) are the Romans. In the Romans warband you can substitute 6 levy for a Manuballista. Gripping Beast makes a nice little set so I went ahead and purchased it and painted it yesterday. I kept with the red and white livery of my warband. I am quite pleased how they came out.
In the last 6 weeks I have been moving along with clearing off the painting desk. I have almost finished the basing for my WWII CoC Americans. They have been a lot of work, winter basing is much more labour intensive but I am almost done.

The only other thing left half painted are my SAGA revenants, still 24 to go, I should get those done before I start my new project with the Napoleonic Alban miniatures, I have just received from the Netherlands.


  1. That's a fine little set John, and a timely post for me as I'm about to tackle some Romans myself!