14 February 2016

18mm AB Artillery

Here is my second Napoleonic submission to the challenge and what I believe is my fifth overall submission.

First, I have to say that I am happy that Curt has decided to treat AB Napoleonics as a 20mm submission as I find these quite a lot of work to paint. There may have a little less detail to paint than 28mm figures but where they are smaller, I am finding it takes me quite a bit longer to paint them.

Second, I am very happy that I have decided to get someone else to paint this new army for me. The two services I am using do a great job and are relatively quick painters, I should have my French and Anglo-Portuguese forces on hand by the end of March. I am quite pleased with this as I think I would be dead by the time that it would take me to paint these little buggers.

Overall though I am quite pleased on how they have come out and it makes quite a change from painting WWII figures which are a little less interesting to paint for sure.

Anyway here they are. One battery of Artillerie à pied Français and 1 battery of Royal Foot Artillery with a mounted officer. I have another French and British battery on the painting table and I will probably add 3 more French batteries and 2 more British batteries to my army. I am also planning a Spanish brigade which will have 1 battery. I believe that will balance things out.

I have quite a load of Japanese on the table, hopefully they will be up next.


  1. Splendid artillery units, no doubt!

  2. Nice guns! :-)

    So yiu are doing SOME of the paintingytourself still, John?

    1. Still doing lots of painting but I have to say that terrain is my main focus now.

  3. I am with you regarding AB Napoleonics. I find them difficult to paint and the solution to bump them up to 20mm makes a great deal of sense to me.

  4. Well done John, I'm still amazed you decided to sell off your 28s however congratulations jumping in to 18's and I obviously agree with you on them being classed as 20mm for your challenge" 😉