22 February 2016

28mm French Napoleonics Done!

Well after a long and hard flog my French Napoleonic army has finally been sold. I believe some of these troops must of been the first figures I painted when I took up wargaming.

I have to say that it will not be with regret that I package up the last 5 battalions today. My new 18mm AB army is fantastic and I will look forward to getting it on the table. The initial French force is all done and I should get some photos up soon. I just have to finish off the commanders basing.

Some of the 28mm French do remain however and will see action playing the much anticipated Sharpe Practice 2. This is a skirmish set for the Horse and Musket period and I am looking forward to one game that I can use for both my Napoleonics and for my French Indian War forces.

Although I plan to hold on to my Anglo-Portuguese Army as well as Brunswick Corps in 28 mm, my 1 unit of Nassau are now up for sale.


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks Adam, hopefully the new troops can get on the table by the end of March.

  2. Oh frabjous day, Callooh, Callay

  3. Look forward to seeing your AB armies!

  4. well done - I look forward to the day you decide to go back to 28mm!

  5. Congratulations! Although I have remained steadfast in my scale from the beginning, and have to plans to change that, ever, I do dread the day when accumulating more painted lead transitions to unloading some what I have. Perhaps they can accompany me on the longship, into the crypt, or what have you? :-)

    1. I was going through your OB the other day Peter, I think you would need a very large crypt