03 December 2014

The Annual Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge

Well it is that time of year, I am not really sure how Curt does it but the 5th iteration of the Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge starts this friday. 

I have participated in all 5, I think there were only a dozen contestants the first year, but this year there are 72. I just missed my goal last year of 1500 points, so this year I have put in for a 1000. 

I believe I have lost my painting mojo over the last year. I am now much more interested in gaming and constructing terrain around planned games. I think I also burned myself out painting over 3000 28 mm Napoleonics over the first 7 years of my gaming life. My painting now is more directed with focus on skirmish armies that I plan to use in WWII and Dark Ages/Medieval games. I still have some Napoleonics to paint though and I have primed some for this year's challenge. I still plan to paint a Dutch-Belgian brigade as well as another Prussian brigade but who knows. I bought a bunch of Flag Dude standards about a year ago, and that is how I measure my progress, but 15 more Napoleonic battalions is somewhat daunting.

I have though bought some Victorian Pulp/Horror/Steampunk figures from Westwind Production's Empire of the Dead line, which I will paint for pleasure. These are lovely figures, they remind me of the Conquest Miniature's French Indian war line which are the nicest figures I have seen and painted to date. I am quite looking forward to painting them.

So I am quite prepared this year, with most of the figures prepped as you can see from the above photo. I have also made selections for the bonus rounds each fortnight. I will keep them to myself but I suspect you can guess some of them from the below list. So what do we have.
  • A Soviet Winter War/Stalingrad platoon with supports from CPModels TQD line, these are really are my favourite 20 mm WWII line. I hope to do them justice. I believe there are roughly 66 figures here with a HMG and medium mortar, Roughly 270 points.
  • Next up is a 28 mm French Napoleonic limber with caisson from Front Rank, maybe 45 points here.
  • Then we see the EotD figures, 90 points.
  • Next to some figures to fill out my Moslem SAGA warband, 16 plastic archers from Gripping Beast and an Iman. 85 points.
  • More Gripping Beast Dark Ages figures for my Dux Brit British warband, 4 mounted cavalry and 8 elites. 80 points.
  • Some more Napoleonics, 3 British Artillery pieces from Perry and Front Rank, as well as a French Ligne battalion which has been on my painting desk primed for over a year from Crusader Miniatures. 200 points.
  • Three British AFV from Armourcast and PSC in 20 mm. 36 points.
I make that roughly 800 points, so with the 7 bonus rounds worth 50 points each, I should be good with some room to maneuver.
  • December 14: Cold
  • December 28: Mount(s) & Rider(s) 
  • January 11: Victorian
  • January 25: Myth
  • February 8: Hot
  • February 22: Comedic
  • March 8: Anti-Hero 
I should also mention that the challenge has it's own website now, so stayed tuned for all the action. Wish me luck.


  1. You have a rare string to your bow being an "original" John. Good to see you back in and looking forward to your efforts this time round...

    1. I am not 100% sure what you mean Michael, but I think it is probably good!

    2. He means you have the equivalent of the '41 Winter War ribbon on your tunic for being one of the few who has been in every Painting Challenge. I look forward to seeing these ghosts get their colour over the next three months.

  2. Good to see your painting plans. My convention plans/game plans are pretty ,muych my own personal "painting contest" mechaism!

  3. Good luck john!
    I'll be looking forward to more Prussians.

    1. Maybe no Prussians for a while Paul, but I suspect you will have some.

  4. Good Luck, looks a good mix there


  5. Good luck my friend I shall enjoy comparing notes with you.