23 December 2014

Chronica Iohannes: Thieving Saxons

We played the 6th scenario (5th game) in our Dux Brit campaign a couple of weeks ago, got a little delayed in posting because of the Painting Challenge. Because of the significant Saxon victory in our 4th game, the Saxons were able to win the Baggage Train scenario unopposed as I did not have the troops available to challenge them. Adam was then able to shower gold on his followers and they elevated him to the status of a Warlord.

This time we played the Sheep rustling scenario and I have to say it was the closest game we have played. We are now pretty acquainted with the rules so the game flowed quite smoothly, we still make mistakes but they seldom now affect the game outcome.

You can find an AAR on Adam's blog, but essentially the Britons eked out a narrow victory after a morale failure by the Saxons. The Britons suffered heavy losses but our next game will be set in September of 551. This will probably be the last game of this raiding season. With the money gained in this raid the Britons built the last of their 3 required Watchtowers and with some more gold Antoninius can be promoted to a Legatus.