19 April 2013

Four Months of Work on Sale (Germans) SOLD

Update: 4-19-13

I have sold the painted DAK. I still have the following unpainted figures available:
  • Battlefront Panzer IV H Platoon GBX 10-5 tanks primed (1 armour skirt set missing) 58$
  • Battlefront GE501 3.7cm PaK36-2 gun models with crew (in original pack) 17.50$
  • Forged in Battle SS HMG Team-4 guns and crew (in original pack) 8$
  • Forged in Battle SS Rifle Platoon-40 figures (in original pack) 15$
  • Forged in Battle German Infantry G-INF-1 x 2 80 figures (in original packs) 30$
Make an offer, I want to get rid of them.

Well, I am usually not much interested in selling figures, but I have decided that 15 mm WWII gaming is probably not going to work for me and I really need to get rid of some stuff.

I must say that the TFL new platoon level skirmish game Chain of Command is probably the incentive for this. Just check out the videos explaining the rules, it does look like a lot of fun.

My recent experience with SAGA has taught that the best entry in to other eras of gaming is through skirmish rules. Forty-60 figures you are in; it is very attractive proposition. In less then a year I have got 4 skirmish armies together: Vikings, Skraelings, Romano-British and finally some Andalusians. I am waiting for the new Samurai skirmish rules from Osprey to come out, and I am sure my long dormant Waring States project will also get off the ground.

Anyway back to the point. I have a nice DAK army painted up for Flames of War as well as some unpainted stuff. I will do a separate post for the British. Here is what I have on hand and am interesting in getting rid. I believe all the stuff is either Forged in Battle or Battlefront.
I have put down the original price of the unpainted stuff. I have a sense of how much people try to sell stuff for by looking at ebay, but I have to say that there appears to be more for sale then is being sold. I will be adding in some decal packs as well as some FOW markers and dice to the collection. I also have quite a few unused FoW bases available.

So what to do? I suspect that you are more likely to have success in selling things in small lots, but I am not really keen to do it this way because of the time involved. Anyway I solicit your advice and if some one wants to make an offer that would be great. Some photos.
There are many extra pieces in the panzer tray with seated figures



  1. I would sell by platoon with a whole army of xxxx point for a slight discount. Post on tmp and bartertown.

  2. I second Bob. Bartertown has a lot of FOW traffic. I've had great luck selling my ancient armies on TMP and only once did I have to take an army off of BT and list on eBay.

  3. Thanks for the tip about TFL rules - ill get them!