17 April 2013

Four Months of Work for Sale British: SOLD

As a follow up to our Germans here is my 8th Army Force. Mostly painted with some extra unpainted Forged in Battle infantry figures.

Like I said in my first post, I am willing to accept any reasonable offers, and am confident that I am willing to sell these figures below market.

In respect to price, well I did some calculations last night the purchase price of the Germans was around $600 and the purchase price for the British was around $300. I am going to be very fair I believe about the price, so I am looking for around what I spent, and will throw in the painting (now I do not want to hear sniggering about how my painting made them valueless!) for free. So make me an offer approaching these numbers and they are yours.

Both this set and the Germans will be packed in hard plastic Games Workshop cases if you want, and shipped according to your preference.


1 comment:

  1. They look great, I hope you get what you want for them! I'm waiting for Fran to get back to me about the 20mm WW2 figures. I'm afraid I'm no expert on them, he knows more than me about something.....for once! I'll be in touch.