19 January 2013

SAGA: More Jomsvikings

Here is a couple of quick photos of the second unit of Jomsvikings, I painted for SAGA and Dux Britiannarium. These figures and the Skraelings are the best figures I have seen from Gripping Beast and both sets were a pleasure to paint. Who knows, maybe some day I will give the Jomsviking Battleboard a go for SAGA.

Painting Challenge Update:
Well we have just passed the 1/3 mark for the Winter Painting Challenge at Analogue Hobbies. I am currently in 6th place of the 47th Ronin, but the leader has twice the points that I have, so there is really no hope of winning (nor was I trying to). But the good news is that I have 668 points which puts me ahead of where I should be for my goal of 1700 pts. The bad news is that I broke my camera, and really the photos I sent in of my Hanoverian and Brunswick Skirmishers were a bit of an embarrassment. If anyone has a recommendation for a reasonably priced camera that takes good close ups in low light please send them on. So lets see where I am.
9 Dux Saxons (45pts)
6 Brunswick Artillery (150pts)
16 Brunswick Cavalry (160pts)

5 Brunswick Command (50pts)
10 Brunswick Avantguard (50pts)
16 Skraelings (80pts)
44 Dux Britons (220pts)
Cunning Secret Project #1 (280 pts)
SAGA Secret Project #2 (300pts)
48 Brunswick Lights (240pts)
12 Anhalt Infantry (60pts)
Various other Napoleonics to get to 1700 points.

Well the SAGA Secret Project as been revealed to be the an Andalusian Warband to take on Nicolas's Franks. I have got some of the Dux Britains done and I have just primed the first test figure for the Cunning Secret Project. I have also got some of the unnamed Napoleonic's done (Hanoverian Jaegers) as well as more Brunswick Avantgarde then I had planned. I am actually finishing up some LotR figures now that I had not even planned to do. So all in all it is going well.



  1. Nice job on the minis and the Challenge so far.

  2. Very nice! I have to say these are the best Vikings out there from GB or anyone else. Just started painting mine up

  3. Great work John and keep it up!!

  4. Lovely. They really are terrific figures, and you've done them proud.

  5. These are superb, you have done a really good paint job on them.
    As for the camera, mine is probably obsolete now, so unable to help. You mentioned taking pictures in poor light? If you are able to sort your lighting out, most modern cameras will probably be okay? I use daylight fluorescent tubes.
    Hope this helps,