15 January 2013

Rohan: Rider of Rohan and Théoden

This will be the last post for a while of my son's LotR collection. The Painting Challenge has to take precedence, and that is where I will have to focus my attention.

The scenes involving the Rohirrim in the LotR films are really my favourite. Who can forget Aragorn's, Legolas and Gimli's initial meeting with Éomer when they are pursuing the Uruk-hai. Or Théoden's speech where he exhorts his riders to Rack and Ruin to ride out among the Uruk hoards in the siege of Helm's Deep. Equally inspiring is their charge to relieve the Siege of Minas Tirith.

Well Simon only painted a small number of Riders and Théoden. These are very nice figures and are all hard plastic aside from the mounted Théoden.

I thought he did a pretty nice job on these, maybe Théoden could do with a dark wash but overall very nice. I redid the bases and touched up the shields with some white.
Théoden leading his riders
Aerial view

The ride out from Helm's Deep



  1. Looking realy good. Very nice Castle wall in the back ground to

    Best regards Michael

  2. These look good. They seem to have scared off the Orc's


  3. Very nice. So many nice figs in GW's LotR line.

  4. Hi John,

    Lovely pictures here.
    I told you about the Uruk-hai yesterday. And you asked me why? When looking at your pictures the answer comes clear to me. It has to do with nostalgy, I believe, doing now the things I could not do when I was younger. Building my own realm of adventures. In this sence, I am 90% sure that I eventually come to paint some Rohirims too, and maybe, even a full fellowship.

    Cheers. Nico.

  5. Great looking pictures!

  6. Beautiful photos John! Simon really did quite alot of work on these.

  7. Excellent stuff, and its set off well with the Helms Deep set in the background.

  8. The Riders of Rohan were my favorite from the LOTR (books) as well!

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