24 August 2011

Four Months of Work!

I thought I would reflect back on the last 4 months. I decided sometime in May to start a new era, I also was curious about trying to paint a smaller size figure. As you know, I decided to go with WWII in 15 mm. My goal was to be able to host a WWII game at the end of the summer. I had settled on the North African theatre; so I had to do some rudimentary research, come up with an OB and a scenario as well as doing up a terrain and paint the figures and vehicles on both sides. I started painting around mid May.

The WWII OB to the left of my blog has just been updated and I believe I got quite a bit done. There were a few mis-steps; a few inappropriate vehicles/AFV's were purchased and painted, but generally the endeavor has been successful. I have used both Battlefront and Forged in Battle figures and vehicles, as well as a few Command Decision trucks. I definitely prefer the Forged in Battle vehicles and figures. They are just better detailed, the British late infantry figures are quite impressive for 15 mm, and I am sure a good painter could do them real justice. They are just better quality then the Battlefront. The vehicles/AFV's from Battlefront are quite good, but again the Forged in Battle just edge them out. Of course the Forged in Battle range is limited, so most of the figures are from Battlefront. Some of Bedford trucks are from Command Decision, they are a little rough, but charming in their own way.

Here is an overview of around 4 months of work. I spent too much time on the terrain.
British 8th Army forces.
DAK forces.
My personal favourites, a couple of Diana's from Battlefront. A little tricky for North Africa, but I understand 6 made it there.
I really like these Matilda I's from Battlefront, but unfortunately they were not used in North Africa and certainly forgot about by 1943. A little error in my research. As was the Sherman Firefly behind them.
Great looking Forged in Battle British infantry heavy weapons figures with a Battlefront 15 cwt truck.
Some nice artillery pieces from Battlefront, I found the figures that came with guns were generally nicer than their infantry figures.
 Some cool motorcycles from Battlefront.
Well I have a big week of gaming coming up next week in Montreal, with my first WWII game and two Napoleonic games.

When I get back, I believe I will shift my attention to those pesky Prussians.



  1. You did all that in 4 months, John? That is excellent work - it would have taken me at least 4 years! Respect, mate...

  2. A big "Well Done!". Very impressive for just four months - I've barely painted anything in that time!.

    Lovely work.


  3. Terrific progress for a mere four months

  4. Excellent work, John! Have a great trip to Montreal!

  5. Fantastic job!

    Can't wait to see them in the flesh, see you sunday.

  6. your army looks great awesome job well worth the effort

  7. What a wonderful work! It seems like a desert film

  8. Thanks all, I will hopefully post a BR soon.