24 March 2011

A Nice Gesture

A couple of months ago on the Fighting Talk forum, I saw a post that offered some painted Dutch-Belgians for a minimal cost. Apparently a gamer had run out of room and wanted to get rid. I was quite interested as I am trying to build up my Waterloo armies, so I jumped. Unfortunately, I was late and someone else snapped them up.

The original poster, Dashing Blade, emailed me though and offered to give me a couple of battalions of French Infantry, of which he had no need! All he asked was that a make a donation to a military service fund. He then sent them at his own cost from the UK to the US. He was very guarded about who he was, although he admitted his name was Ian and I suspect he is from Lancashire. 

I was able to get 3 French battalions from the lot with an addition of a few figures of my own. Dashing Blade had painted them in a campaign style, something that I never had attempted. Certainly his style was quite different than mine, but they are very nice indeed. 

Well here they are re-based, I decided to flag them as battle weary 4e, 5e and 6e battalions. Here they are looking down the barrels of a battery of British artillery.
Enormous variability in the uniforms, truly ragged.
The chefs de batallion with the 4e and 5e were painted by me as well as six of the command and elite figures.
Look at those striped trousers!
Very generous and much appreciated, thank you Dashing Blade.



  1. Awwww, pretty!

  2. Nice to see such ragged Frenchies! Looking forward to seeing your Waterloo armies grow...


  3. Very nice story, cool troops John,