23 March 2011

Heavy Dragoons (The Heavies!)

Been a bit slow to post recently, but I have been busy. For my La Haye Sainte scenario, I needed a large Lasalle unit of British Heavies. My favorite part of the film Waterloo is when Wellington tells Uxbridge "now is the time for the heavy cavalry".

I thought a nice unit would be the Union brigade under the ill fated Ponsonby.
Lasalle requires 6 bases for a large cavalry unit, and I usually go with each base representing a squadron.  The Union Brigade was made up of 9 squadrons or around 1000 troopers at Waterloo, so her are 2 of the 3 regiments, I need to order the Northern British (Scots Greys) figures. These represent the 1st (Royals) and the 6th (Inniskillings) regiments.
I used the midtown AP here, I thought it would be better on the red than the black pigment. The horses were done with various Inks and Washes from Vallejo and Games Workshop. I like how the horses came out.

Information on the uniforms of the British cavalry can be found here. I know of course that British Heavy Dragoons wore helmets at Waterloo, but I wanted bicorns.......



  1. They look great, John! I personally prefer the bicornes. The horses look very good with the mid-tone Quickshade. Looking forward to seeing the Greys.

  2. Very nice, The inks certainly work well on the horses, they look great!

  3. The uniform depicted was changed in 1812. This one would be fine for the Peninsula War.Not only are the bicornes wrong - the jackets are wrong too.

  4. Gee, and using the cloak of anonymity to be pedantic wanker seems somehow 'wrong' too...

  5. Wow a flame war on my blog!! Really though, I do find it odd that even though I note that I do realise that the uniform is wrong for Waterloo, someone feels he has to still point it out.

  6. Very nice. I really like your style.

  7. I love the heavies in bicornes and the lights in tarletons of the earlier Peninsula period.

    You've done another excellent job on these, John. Well done!

  8. John - these look great. As a French player, I tremble at the thought of these lads thundering across the table top at my lads.

    Great job as usual.

    As for Mr Anonymous and his opinion, well lets just bear in mind he's a knucklehead.

  9. Found this link;
    Maybe that'll help

  10. These are very nicely done.
    I have always struggled doing loads of red uniforms.
    Well impressed.