26 July 2009

War of the Sixth Coalition: Allied Army of the North: Wallmoden's Korps, Division Tettenborn, September 1813

I have finally completed one of the four divisions in my Wallmoden's Korps project. I actually think it is wrong to use the term division in respect to a Prussian Korps, but most will understand what I mean. The unit contained a brigade of infantry with an attached artillery battery and a brigade of cavalry. Most of the figures are Calpe, with the exception of the Tyrolean jaegers and Hanoverian Foot Artillery (Perry Brunswick and Hanoverian ranges) and the Cossacks (Front Rank).
The standing figure represents a general staff figure rather then an ADC.
Ratt: Infantry Brigade Commander
Lutzow's Freikorps
Von Reiche's Feldjaegers
Hanoverian Kielsmansegge's Feldjaegers
Hanseatic Artillery
(if someone can find me a picture of what an artillery unit from the Hanseatic states looked like in 1813, I will change out the unit; otherwise we will keep this Hanoverian battery as is)
Tyrolean Jaegers
I decided to paint Lutzow as a hussar officer and make him the cavalry brigade commander.
Lutzow's Hussars
Don Cossacks


  1. A really nice collection on an interesting subject.

    Ratt looks wonderfully haughty!

  2. Oops- read the wrong heading- that's von Tettenborn looking as if butter wouldn't melt in his mouth, not Ratt!

    I'm looking forward to trying my hand at some Calpe figures for myself one day. They do look good.

  3. Thanks Robert, they are definitely the nicest figures I have painted.

  4. Very nicely done figures! Thanks,

    Jim (who occasionally dabbles in the Befrieungskrieg with von Bulow's III Korps of the Army of the North)

  5. You're quite the prolific painter, aren't you?

    It seems evey time I come back to your blog a new division/brigade is on display!

  6. Hi Iannick,
    These are figures that were re-photographed. My photography skills are improving (still a long way to go, especially with lighting), so I am going to slowly re-photograph my figures and get them on the blog. I think I have almost historical 7 divisions so far painted, many of which have never been photographed. So hopefully more snaps soon.

  7. "I think I have almost historical 7 divisions so far painted, many of which have never been photographed. So hopefully more snaps soon."

    I'd love to see more! Your blog really inspires me to get painting.

  8. Well my painting skill is only stating to improve, Tettenborn's division is definitely my best so far.Some of my earlier stuff is quite weak, but in mass they still look ok.

    So coming soon in Wellington's 1811 Army are the third, light, cavalry and first divisions, as well as divisions in Massena's VIth corps of the Army of Portugal.