06 October 2018

Painting in Four Scales

The fall is here so time to get the brushes out again. Over the last 6 weeks I have been working on several projects, finally got a chance to do some photography today. I had not really realised it but what I have done is in 4 different scales.

6mm Epic Horus Heresy Flying Ships
Blood Angels Thunderhawk Gunship
Has significant transport capacity for both Space Marines and Vehicles and can operate as a ground assault craft
Finally got my other flyers mounted on bases
15mm ACW Union Generals
Blue Moon ACW Union Generals for Pickets Charge
20mm WWII Finland Infantry
AntiTank Rifle Team
Additional Infantry Squad w/ captured DP-28 LMG
Slide Mine!
AntiTank Teams. Most of the figures are from Eureka
28mm SAGA Shield-Maidens
Cost 1 point, Leader has Aggression of 4, unit has determination and Banner rules
It was good to starting painting again, as I have to warm up for the IX AHPC! A new force has been ordered.


  1. You have certainly diversified since you started this blog! All good stuff, but I really like those Winter bases.

  2. Well done! Particularly chuffed to see all that Epic 30k air support, but overall, the presentation of the different projects as simply different courses for a single sweep is very well done :-)