30 December 2017

AHPCVIII: First Submission-Monte Cassino

I have had this piece of terrain now for a couple of years. It is from Monday Knight Productions and it looked like a well detailed piece. I must of primed it when I first got it and than forgot about it until the Challenge.

The first question was how to paint it, I found some old colour photos and clearly it was a sandstone colour rather than a granite. That was not really going to work for me as most of my WWII gaming interest is in Normandy or the Eastern Front. I had painted up numerous pieces for Stalingrad and although this is not really an urban piece, I felt it probably would be more likely used if I did it in granite with red brick. I could not resist however doing some of the larger brick in a yellow colour.

This garnered me 80 points which I thought was a bit much.