28 November 2017

Terrain for 6mm Wargaming: North African Seacoast

The Rommel Operation Brevity scenario required some sea tiles. These are impassible to troops and vehicles but artillery can fire over them. I decided to go with the 13cm square tiles from the BigRedBat's Shop again, no concerns here about placing bases on the tiles as noted above. I have used up my original order, so a second order was placed. This should cover my needs for 10 further mountain tiles and some wadi tiles. Should be then good.

Again I used Elmer's Wood Filler as the base; this really is excellent stuff, it is quite cheap and workable. I tried to put a double pattern in with straight horizontal lines to represent the beach and curved lines to represent the water. I used both Citadel and VMC paints. It was pretty simple and I like how it came out.
Stegadon Scale Green base highlighted with Sotek Green
Highlighted with Citadel Temple Guard Blue
Highlighted with VMC Sky Blue
Highlighted with VMC Pale Grey Blue
Final highlight of Citadel Scar White. A border of very fine sand was then added , had to remember that this was 1/285 scale. Once I get the polyurethane out to do the bases, I will apply some to the water.
I enjoyed doing these and they look good on the table. I will be getting my first game of Rommel in this Thursday with my friend Adam. I am looking quite forward to it. I am hoping to post a playtest of the rules before then.