06 April 2017

USMC Part 2

I had planned to get these 3 USMC squads done for the recent Painting Challenge, but like my recent Epic Armageddon post I just ran out of time. I still have some AB Napoleonics as well as 2 more units of SAGA Revenants in the queue, but that is it.

These 3 squads complete my core USMC platoon with supports for Chain of Command, so another project completed. I will just now have to entice someone into a game as the terrain is also all set. I knew nothing of the WWII Pacific Theatre and it has been quite an interesting study, so interesting that I put the official list Early War USMC list together for Chain of Command. I did have a lot of help from the TFL forum. From what I learned the above photo puts this theatre together for me.

Anyway, I still needed 2 core squads for the platoon as well as a raider squad. Most of my initial figures came from BattleModels, these are nice sculpts and although I was guaranteed that when this company took over Warmodelling they had remade the molds, this was not the case. What I received were really poor casts, many had to be tossed. So I moved on to Eureka which are really first class. It is too bad that their 20mm WWII range is somewhat restricted as these are great figures and come highly recommended. You can review my other USMC forces, Jungle Terrain and my IJA forces here.

The painting scheme was pretty simple with VMC Khaki base coat with a Citadel Camoshade wash (very useful for many WWII uniforms), followed by the Warlord Games painting guide scheme for USMC. I believe they came out OK for wargaming.

3 squads
Rifle Squad 3

BAR Squad, the 2 BAR gunners are from BattleModels
The Raider Squad (list 6) with a JL, 3 shotguns, 3 SMG's and 3 BAR's
Platoon Guide (list 2)


  1. Cool, nice post and great looking minis John!

  2. Nice work John, looking thru your posts, you do model and paint a lot.
    cheers John

  3. Very cool John , Nicely done !

  4. Nice work John, looking thru your posts, you do model and paint a lot.
    cheers John.

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