15 October 2015

Scary New Plan........Maybe

Over the last 10 years I have painted some 2700 28mm Napoleonics. Generally they are based 6 figures to 40x40mm bases in 4 stand units. Recently have felt that maybe the units should be 6 stands.

What to do........should I rebase?!!!!!!!!

At the same time two more issues have come to the forefront. Storage and terrain size. Even though I have a big gaming space the Napoleonics are consuming a considerable proportion of it and at the same time are seldom used. I also really want to stick to gaming on 4x6 terrains which I now have well sorted and transportable.

I have also found in my recent games of GBCoC and Lasalle, I would like to have a slightly larger armies on the table then I can get with the 40x40mm bases. Increasing the unit size to 6 stands essentially increases the footprint by 50%. That is not going to work on a 4x6' table.

My recent foray in ACW have shown me the advantages of 15-18 mm armies, I have a considerably sized Union army which is in one small box.

While these thoughts have been going through my head, I have been looking at painted 18 mm AB Napoleonic units that are for sale. Essentially well painted 6 stand infantry units are available for around $100. I am not crazy enough to want to start painting 18 mm Napoleonics!

So what to do? I suppose it comes down to whether in my 60th year, I want to paint or game. I like painting and I have enjoyed painting 28 mm figures and I am unlikely to stop, but I do like gaming more. For gaming tactical level Napoleonics there does appear to be an advantage with 18mm over 28mm, especially in respect to transportability and terrain size.


  • Nice shiny new armies
  • Less storage space needed
  • Easier to transport
  • Tactical Napoleonic gaming with bigger armies on smaller tables
  • I do not have a big lead pile, but what I  have I would have to sell, so I could stop looking at it
  • No rebasing


  • The two groups (BTB and Montreal) with whom I game, have 28 mm Napoleonics
  • Difficulty in selling my present collection in large lots quickly
  • The purchase of 18 mm painted units is contingent on a neutral cash flow
  • The work of packing up armies to mail


  • Sell the Austrian Brigade, I really have little interest in this army, this will tell me how hard it will be to get rid of my Napoleonics. They are on eBay now.
  • If this is successful, sell the Prussian Division next. It is going to be hard for me to let go, as this is my favourite army and by far the best painted force I have. But at the same time my main Napoleonic compatriots in Montreal are not that interested in Waterloo.
  • I would follow this with the French, as again Iannick in Montreal has a large French army.
  • Save my British and Allies for last, and may end up keeping them so I can fight Iannick's French.
So that is all, I suspect it will all come to naught.


  1. I'll be curious how your plan goes. I toy with selling my 28mm French from time to time... Boston Trained Bands annual Napoleonic Game at Huzzah is the only real reason I have not explored it more.

    1. yes it is very unclear, but i have been thinking about it for about 6 months now.

  2. Hmmm - your painting is wonderful so very tempting. I've toyed with selling some of my toys (28mm Ancients) but just can't bring myself to do it. I think selling off the smaller forces is smart. I'd suggest you think long and hard before selling the French. On the other hand, if you do, call me!

  3. 15mm is the way to go, 25mm only for skirmishes. Its less hard on the wallet that way.

    1. I have to agree with Ray... though I have also seen some good 10mm and 6mm armies too.

  4. I have tremendous fun with 15mm (better details than 6mm) and 6mm (larger armies and more strategic than 15mm). Sell the armies, buy a smaller scale for large battles, but play a skirmish game system for 28mm painting. Then you have the best of both: grand scale wargaming and detailed painting.

  5. I'm late to this party...my life has been way too hectic recently.
    Keep the Brits and allies!! I'll never get to paint an army of these!

    1. No problem with the Brits as well as the Portuguese and I am going to keep those Brunswickers so your Austrians have some friends!