20 March 2014

My Challenge in Review

Well Curt's 4th Annual Painting Challenge has come to an end. If I remember correctly there were less then 10 contestants in the first year and 60 this year, really Curt needs to be applauded for all the work done, I suspect he had almost 500 entries to catalogue and post on his blog. Brilliant job!

For myself it was pretty successful as I got several projects completed. The last couple of years has seen my gaming interests broaden beyond Napoleonics, although I have been good at limiting myself to skirmish gaming only. The one additional area that involves massed troops specifically Ancients, may end up being abandoned. We will have to see. My Dark Ages, French Indian War, Sharpe Practice, LoTR, Napoleonics and WWII forces have been completed. I still plan to add some winter Russians and possibly some winter Germans, DAK and 8th Army platoons to my Chain of Command forces as well as some Picts to my Dark Age armies. Otherwise it is back to lead pile of Napoleonics, still lots of Prussian and Dutch/Belgians there.

Anyway back to the contest, I planned to paint 1500 points but hit just over 1400 points, so I missed my target. It has been a tough 3 months as I was away from home for almost a month, and when I am away that much, I am working almost every day that I am home. Also my amount of gaming as increased markedly, going from one game every 6-8 weeks to a game every 1-2 weeks in the same three months, which is great.

I have not posted all my submissions so I thought it would be nice to do a summary.

The Gall-Gaedhill from Gripping Beast

SdKfz 251/1 from PSC

SdKfz 10 with 2cm AA Gun from SHQ

MC Recon Team from SHQ

Pioneer Squad in Kubelwagons from SHQ

Panzerjaeger Bren 731e from SHQ

Transport Truck from SHQ

German Pioneers from CP Models

3/13e leger from Front Rank

StuH 42 from Armourfast

Mounted Panzergrenadier Squad from SHQ and PSC

Officer Transport from SHQ

British Paratroopers from CP Models

Thorin Oakenshield Company from GW

Winter War Finns from Warmodelling

Dark Ages Slingers from Gripping Beast

Casualty marker from Offensive Minaitures

British Engineers from SHQ

The Price of Admission from Reaper

Radagast and Gandalf from GW

More British Paratroopers from CP Models

Panzergrnadier squad from PSC

Gestapo officer from SHQ

Sharpe Practice Napoleonics from the Perry

Winter War Finns Support Weapons from SHQ and Warmodelling

French Indian War British Infantry from Conquest

More Winter War Finns from Warmodelling


  1. Beautiful work...especialy the vehicles for me!

  2. A wonderful run, and it sounds like fun too!

    People tend to stay in niches but you were all over the map in terms of eras and painting. Very well done!

  3. Mighty impressive amount of entries! Especially if you were away from home and the paint desk. And great quality too!

  4. Some great work John, looks a very successful Challenge for you this year!

  5. That's a cracking collection mate. Thanks for sharing your stuff with us and well done on getting through so much.

  6. Great production and variety, John!

  7. Beautiful figures for a lot of different periods.
    Really a good job!

  8. Lovely stuff all around. I have to say that each time you posted a 20mm mini I thought it could be you, since I had you so firmly associated with 28mm!

  9. A wonderful and varied selection of troops mate, my favourites are of course the LOTR stuff :-)

  10. Ah, my original Challenge Grognard! It was great to have you with us again this year John. You may not have hit your target but you managed to get a lot of wonderful work done. Bravo and here's to next year.