07 January 2014

Gall-Gaedhil: The Sons Of Death

Almost 3 weeks after the start of the The Painting Challenge and I finally get my first submission painted. I have put up for 1500 points, going to be tough at this rate.

These are from Gripping Beast and are one of their Swords for Hire packs. I have all the swords for hire packs done now, I believe. They are nice enough, but they were challenge to get done. I started painting them on Thursday and had to have them in for Saturday afternoon as I had to work at 5 pm, so there was no time to use the magic dip. They were block painted, some highlights applied and then multiple different Citadel washes were used. 

I had no shield transfers left so a rudimentary attempt was made at painting the shields. In between painting, I had to do two shifts at the Gates of Hell, so I have been busy. Saturday morning I got up to finish all the details, the shields and the bases and half the power in the house was off including the power to my painting room...........so they were finished by using two battery operated lamps! 

You can find more about the Gall-Gaedhil at The Tapestry, a superb site devoted to SAGA.

I have a bunch of WWII German vehicles on the table, they are well on their way with the camouflage all done, so hopefully I will have another submission done soon and I will keep plugging at the Légére. 


  1. A very nice unit to have at your disposal. a bit expensive in Saga but oh so deadly when used

  2. Looks good! And pretty darn deadly in the game even though they are a bit costly like Andrew said

  3. Very nice John, love the completely bald chap!!!

  4. Not my era but what a great painting job!

  5. Lovely work John! It was great to see this as your debut entry for the Challenge.

  6. Magnificent! I really like these - great painting