07 June 2013

IR18, the 3rd West Prussian Regiment

Well the basing is all done and finally I can move on.

I have had 2 battalions of Prussian Fusiliers on the table for almost 2 months, so I will present them first.

The F/IR18 completes my second complete Prussian regiment for the 1815 OB, the 3rd West Prussian or IR18. These are Perry figures, mostly plastics, but with the metal Prussian Fusilier set of command figures as well as knapsacks with the correct sword. I must of learned how to glue plastic to metal as this was a bit smoother then the Hanoverians.

I had finished the first and second battalion some time ago, and had to add the fusiliers. In my reorganization, 1/IR15 was moved into IR18 and became 2/IR18. In the reorganization of the Prussian army in 1815, IR18 was comprised of elements or RIR6 (1st West Prussian) as well as RIR10 (1st Silesian). This worked out as the facing colour at Waterloo for this unit were mostly rose-pink but also yellow collars and cuffs in 2/IR18 as reflected by their Silesian origin. The flags for IR18 are unknown, but I went ahead and used the flags for the Second Silesian Regiment. They are from Flagdude.

The regiment had almost 2400 men at Waterloo and served in the IV Prussian Corps, 15th Brigade. Commanding officer was Colonel von Loebel. They saw much action at Placenoit.
IR18 with a company of Jaegers
The Perry metals as seen here are quite nice

Calpe figures

Still need to do 2/IR23 to complete this regiment

Hopefully the last plastic infantry I will do, I am all done with plastics
Well up next I hope to have some photos of a new miniature scale with which I have been experimenting.


  1. Great looking Prussins, very nice work! Officiers and jaegers are my favourite!

  2. Looking good John,
    Well done ticking off another unit!

  3. A fine addition to the forces of Prussia! Doing the 1815 regiments allows you to use some of the "new" facing colors like Rose, Bright Green, and I think there was even one with province with light blue, IIRC.

  4. Nice work there John!

    Although I still prefer the Calpe ones! ;-)

  5. Real sense of mass in that first photo. My apologies, I missed your comment a week or so back regarding where we're playing Bolt Action in 15mm. We're in Toronto: torontohmg.org

  6. Very nice - lovely looking painting, and I really like the lighting too.

    But what do you mean you're all done with plastics! Blasphemer! Heretic!

  7. Another fine addition to the force. Those Perry-miniatures really are nice aren't they?