19 March 2012

1/1 Landwehr Regiment of the Elbe

Some further additions to the 1815 Prussian Army. I have had a bit of a painting hiatus recently, life got in the way etc etc.

Recently received my final shipment directly from Calpe in the UK. Received in 8 days from the day that the order was placed, excellent service. With the exchange I save, I suspect 25% from the amount the US distributer would have charged. Well worth it.

I have all the miniatures in place now to finish my planned Prussian Army. Still have 2 regiments of cavalry, 6 guns, 1 caisson, 4 Landwehr, 3 Musketeers and 2 Fusiliers as well as some rifle stands and a few further command stands to do. I believe this will bring me up to 2 infantry brigades (18 battalions), 1 brigade of cavalry (7 regiments) and 3 batteries (12 guns) of artillery. The equivalent of a 1/2 Corps, I suppose. I suspect I am around half way there, not bad since October but Calpe figures are a joy to paint so it has not been too difficult.

Next up are some Landwehr of the Elbe. These troops represent the 1st battalion and thus have white shoulder straps. Nice to paint, I always enjoy working with sky blue.
There are some duplicated figures in the battalion, but every figure has been made unique by its paint job.
Usual nice Flagdude standard.
Calpe figures always have nice extra bits to paint.
Lots of hair on these guys.


  1. A beautiful unit, love the Prussian caps!!!!

  2. I rather like these fellows! Well done sir.


  3. These are absolutely beautiful, the Prussian caps are superb!

  4. These look absolutely great! Marvellous painting, a really neat unit. I wish I could do Prussians - trying to resist!

  5. Heh... when I first saw the title in my blog list I thought for a moment it was the SCALE you were going to do the regiment (rather than the TITLE or numerical designation of the regiment; 1st Battalion, 1st Regiment), but quickly realized that would be Silly!

    These are, as always, absolutely gorgeous, John!

  6. Excellent work. Fantastic looking unit.

  7. Lovely landwehr. The light blue on blue works well and has been well executed. Bravo.

    von Peter himself

  8. Lovely work. Really like the contrast between the dark and light blues... Well done!

  9. John - they are beautiful. Calpe make great figures - so many variations! Terrific paint and base job too.


  10. I like these a lot! You have decided for that I shall also have Elbe LDW, thanks!

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