08 December 2011

Bone idle you say...Not true

My friend Curt at Analogue Hobbies up there in Saskatchewan, has announced the 2nd Annual Winter Painting Challenge and I suspect it will be quite an event. Last year's contest was well attended but this year promises to be something different. Contestants are flocking from all over the world including Canada, here in New England, the British Isles, the EC and I hear even the Antipodes. Rules can be found on Curt's blog and all painters of honour are invited.

For me it is going to be a Calpe event, I will build my Prussian army! First up will be the IR21(RIR9) in their famous British supplied uniforms. as you can see they are all primed and ready. In the background are 12 Landwehr which I am working on now, I suspect they will be done by the 20th of December the challenge start date.

I have been promising Prussians for quite some while, and to show that I have been working diligently this somewhat murky photo shows some Prussians that I have completed in the last 6 weeks. Two units of Perry Musketeers, a unit of Calpe Fusiliers as well as half units of Landwehr and the famous Lutzow's Freikorps, IR25 at Waterloo (had to add 12 figures to what was previously done). All that is left is some terraining of the bases.
Also keep yours eye open for the first La Bricole--- Les Pinceaux de la guerre, which is about to be announced.

Lots of painting to do!



  1. Hi
    Do you undercoat in grey?
    Best regards

  2. I'm looking forward to the competition, it'll probably be a 15mm paint fest for me.

    Good luck

  3. Thanks Ray.

    Hi Rafa, I always use bright white as a primer.


  4. I'm looking forward to seeing this new project come together, John! The Calpe castings are very characterful and even though there is so much nice plastic coming out there's just something great about working in metal.

    PS: Remember, no painting of colour until the 20th! (If you want to enter them that is. If not, rock on!)


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  6. I ike the sheer mass a lot. Really impressive force.