17 January 2011

Triangle Miniatures

Triangle Miniatures is the American distributor for many of the first class British figure manufacturers as well as GMB flags. These include Calpe, Elite and Front Rank and they also carry Victrix, Perry Metals and Steve Barber Figures. The company is run by Buddy Hoch, who is quite an affable and helpful fellow. His website is first rate and I find it more useful in most cases than the actual manufacturers websites. It's only weakness is that you can not order directly from the website and I do wish he would take paypal. 

Since I prefer to use Front Rank, Calpe and Perry Metals, I have had occasion to order from this company at least half of a dozen times. I find the prices about 20-25% higher than direct order from UK, but with the postage this is usually a wash. There is one exception and that is large orders from Front Rank which are greater the £300, here you get a preferred postal rate, 15% discount and battalion pricing. I saved over $100 on my last large order. I do believe that there is a 10% discount on orders greater then $200 at Triangle Miniatures.

Generally I find he has almost all your selections in stock and if they do not, then what was not immediately available usually shows up within a couple of week. I find almost invariably that Buddy has your order in the mail within 24 hours. My last order was made November 9th and received Nov 12th. 

The quality of these figure lines is well known, so there is not much to remark on here. They come well packaged and sorted, Buddy appears to have some proprietary packaging for Perry and Elite figures, and the Front Rank and Calpe figures come separately packaged according to type. I hope he does do some proprietary Calpe packaging though, as they are a lot of work to sort if they get mixed together as no codes are etched on the figures as is the case with Front Rank. I have had problems with just one item in one order (ordered some Calpe cavalry and the horses were missing). This did take a bit of time to resolve, although it was to my satisfaction. Otherwise all orders have been without problem.

Rating: Recommend without reservation



  1. I've convinced a friend of mine, who is new to collecting Napoleonic figures, to go with Calpe's Prussians. He ordered the beginnings of his brigade through Triangle so its good to hear that they have a solid reputation. Thanks for the review.

  2. Thanks Curt, if your friend has any problems, I would like to know. Can not go wrong with Calpe figures for sure, I am starting on my own first Prussian Bde with Calpe. I am also curious if you can find out how the figures were packaged for your friend.