09 November 2010


Second in my "plug" blogposts is my latest acquisition from Hovels in the UK. My latest project is a combined Hougoumont/La Haie Sainte scenario and for this I needed Hougoumont. I ordered it Nov 1 and received it by Airpost on November 8, 2010, which is quite good service. From the postage stamp, I could see it was sent the day after I ordered it. I had been emailing back and forth with Carol at Hovels about some details in respect to size and she was quite prompt and helpful in her responses. I do wish they had more details about size on their website, but Carol was quite helpful in providing the information. As you can see each piece comes packaged in their own little labelled bag. I have done some rooting here, but I can say that the pieces were well and safely packed. All pieces ordered were there. I had ordered extra to make up for the long wall running to the east which enclosed the orchard.
I game in 28mm, but the foot print of the 28mm Hovels version is 136x102cm (4.5x3.3ft), there is just no way I could do this on a 12x5' table except as a skirmish game, which I am not interested. I decided to go with the 15 mm version which is 54x36cm (1.8x1.2ft)
As you can see it all fits together nicely. The vertical scale is quite off, but really I think it will work nicely for my game. As you can see the model is quite detailed, there is hardly any flash, and is paintable from the box.
Time to get painting. I will use a white prime, followed by a Citadel Dwarf Flesh medium wash over the brick parts, and GW Fenris Grey medium wash over the non brick roofs, pick out the details around windows and doors using a light grey. The bases of the walls will be painted green to match the terrain. The whole complex will then get an application of the the black pigment (Darktone) AP. I am hoping it will not take too long. Colour scheme is as below (from Hovels site)

Rating: Recommend without reservation



  1. Ah this scenario will be very interesting to see unfold, get going John! =)


  2. I am working hard at it David, I still have 3 more legere to do and need to paint the 1/2 Nassau. And of course, I got to paint those little buildings as well. Pretty well sorted out how the scenario will go, but still thinking about how to work the BUA. I will probably use Lasalle, I think Republic to Empire would be a little better for an asymmetric battle like Hougoumont, but my head starts to throb every time I look through the rulebook!


  3. Hi
    Lasalle is a good choosing for a such samll action. Waiting to see it!