02 October 2010

7th Jagers

The 7th German Jagers, presented in skirmish order. Front Rank as usual, again nice figures. Used GW Astronomicon Grey for the uniform and Knarloc Green for the facings. I felt my faces have been a little dark, so I diluted the GW Ogryn Flesh wash and then highlighted it with GW Elf Flesh. Then an application of the AP midtone.

Still can not get the white balance right, but I am working on it.

I am going to take a break from the Austrians now, I am half way through the Avant Garde Division, and focus my attention on the Hougomont Project. This will be my biggest undertaking to date, and I am quite excited about it. But, more to come.



  1. Hougomont project? looking forward to that!

  2. Hello John,

    Yet another fine unit, got to love those hats with the turned up brim on the side. Lots of movement and animation again in the figures.

    I was just looking through the GW/Citadel colours myself and I just wonder what the difference is between the 'foundation' paints and the normal colour range? Do you know? I cant actually see one or two of the shades you mention.Some odd names though!

    Hougomont project sounds good, right in my area of interest.

    All the best,

  3. These are great John - lovely figures and painting - I particularly like the lairy officer in his Hungarian pants!


  4. Hi John
    A difficult colour the 'pike' grey of the Austrian Jaegers!
    Very good painting indeed