09 April 2010

Well maybe it will be the Austrians: Austrian OOB

As a followup to my Prussian OOB post, I thought I would post my planned OOB for my first Austrian division. I plan to work on the Austrian and Prussian divisions simultaneously; white-blue, white-blue.......I am sure you get the idea. Change from red-blue, red-blue anyway!

As previously noted I like to use historical OOB, while at the same time grafting them on to the Lassalle Army Builder. After a look through and a think, I decided to go with an Austrian Avant-Garde division as my core Lasalle unit with an organic choice being a Landwehr unit. This gives me an excellent cross-sampling of Austrian unit types.

After a lot of looking, I have decided to use FML Nordmann's Avantgarde as it was on July 6th, 1809 at the
Battle of Wagram.

Commander: Nordmann, FML Armand von

Infantry Brigade Reise, GM Freiherr von

Infantry Regiment Graf Bellegarde Nr. 44: 3 battalions

Infantry Regiment Marquis Chasteler de Courcelles Nr. 46: 3 battalions

Landwehr [1,2/Wiener Freikorps]: 2 battalions

Brigade Artillery Battery Nr. 16

Infantry Brigade Meyer, GM

Infantry Regiment Deutschmeister Nr. 4: 3 battalions

Infantry Regiment Freiherr von Kerpen 49: 3 battalions

Landwehr [5,6/Wiener Freikorps]: 2 battalions

Brigade Artillery Battery Nr. 23

Light Brigade Vecsey von Hajnacskeo, GM Peter, Freiherr

Infantry Regiment Freiherr von Beaulieu 58: 2 battalions

st Jager Battalion

Landwehr [3/Meinharts-Berg]: 1 battalion

Hussar Regiment Palatin von Ungarn Nr. 12

Brigade Artillery Battery Nr. 17

Light Brigade Frelich, GM Freiherr von

7th Jager Battalion

Grenz Regiment Nr. 13: 2 battalions

Hussar Regiment Freiherr Stipsicz von Ternova Nr. 10

Cavalry Artillery Battery

Light Cavalry Brigade Schneller, GM

Hussar Regiment Erbprinz zu Hessen-Homburg Nr. 4

Cavalry Artillery Battery

Reserve Artillery

I wanted an Hungarian infantry unit to paint, so I substituted IR35 for IR49, otherwise Light Bde Froehlich and Infantry Bde Meyer are intact. I then took Light Bde Vecsey and made some changes, an Uhlan cavalry unit was substituted for 12th Hussars and the rest of the infantry are 4 Landwehr battalions. I still have not decided about the 4th Landwehr unit.

Large Lasalle units will have 36 infantry on 6 bases, while regular units will have 24 figures on 4 bases, all Cavalry units will be large with 12 riders on 6 bases. I have decided to move my bases from 3 figure to 6 figures, so my smallest units will have 20-24 figures, but more about that later. So there we have it; FML Nordmann's AG at Wagram forced into a Lasalle Army List.



  1. Hi
    Do you think to play historical battles or only tournament type wargames?
    Waitig to see your Jagers and Landwehr units!

  2. Hi Rafa,

    I am purely a historical wargamer, sometimes though hx will be slightly modified!!

  3. I look forward to seeing these units come to life one by one in your blog. The methods you use gives a great end result. You have certainly converted me to the use of inks, because they flow so well and stay consistent in colour, they don't fade out or look 'washy' (unlike acrylics) when you thin them.

    Great OOB, some great painting ahead!